Joe White

Rodie All Around / Bad Man

Doctor Bird : DB 1069 noc


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  • Artist: Joe White
  • A Side: Rodie All Around
  • B Side: Bad Man
  • Label: Doctor Bird
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG
  • Label Condition: noc
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Classic 1967 Doctor Bird Rock Steady.

The slightly more PC friendly title for the UK market adjust from the Jamaican original release on Wirl 125 "Rudie's All Around" for "Rodie All Around" Doctor Bird promotiomn team very weary of the over zealous BBC watchdog at the time.

But it mattered not as the delicious slice of Kingston street-level Rock Steady never achieved any airplay whatsoever. The only way to hear and buy it was from the specialist Jamaican music shops dotted around the major cities of England.

Today it seldom comes to marks, condition of this copy is "blues party" weary but plays an exceptional Excellent list how multiple soft hairline scuffing DOES NOT affect play.

Two great sides singing about delinquent local boys and a dishonest bad man, a daily problem on the lively streets of Jamaica.

This 1967 harmony dancefloor experience captures the mood completely...

Condition Report

A-side label is clean, with only soft storage rub, flipside label has two H - S in red ballpoint, original centre has been removed. (see images). Vinyl carries multiple soft hairline scuffing under light, not one that is fingertip sensitive, thus not pretty but plays a totally clean excellent, listen to both soundfiles lifted directly of this visually vg surface. amazingly clean!

A Side

  • Title: Rodie All Around

    B Side

  • Title: Bad Man
  • Year: 1967
  • City: United Kingdom