Jimmy Preacher Ellie

I'm Gonna Do It By Myself / Go Ahead On

Movin': M-136

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  • Artist: Jimmy Preacher Ellie
  • A Side: I'm Gonna Do It By Myself
  • B Side: Go Ahead On
  • Label: Movin'
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Fats Washington's long standing association with Shreveport's Jewel label saw this Compton, California R&B juggernaut emerge 1600 miles east on Stan Lewis's R&B influenced Jewell label.
But here is the very rarely encountered Compton, California local press from the summer of 1966. Giving up two imposing R&B dancers, shimmering with slick ghetto-attitude and muscle.

As with all Fats Washington projects, he lays down an intimidating backdrop for Jimmy's sometimes guttural snarls, sometimes aerial and smooth vocal as he changes his pitch at will, whilst riding a Hammond keyboard rhythms of dance. Steady percussion, a discreet saxophone lies in wait for the chance to instill even more persuasion into the session. As Jimmy The Preachers start to wail, in a most inspiring way.

This is moody but totally classy R&B dancer, showcasing smooth expressive vocal changes, riding a rich tapestry of the brass, keyboard, drumming and that bonus of the killer sax break.

The flipside should not be overlooked, as it is every note as impressive. Fats works his magic again this time using blasting horns, plus his now warmed sax-man pushing the limits with squealing intrusions which Jimmy responds with more cultured wailing. To be honest I'm struggling to make my mind up which is the better side. Both encapsulate everything that is great about R&B Northern Soul.

A listing for those of you who delight in owning those FIRST BORN records on their neighborhood labels, giving up value for money two for the price of one!.

Condition is superb

Condition Report

Two clean labels, a the promo "pointing finger" rubberstamp indicating Mr. DJ you need to play both sides. Vinyl carries full gloss, with just a few soft surface hairlines revealed under light. Strong play perfect mint minus.

A Side

  • Title: I'm Gonna Do It By Myself

    B Side

  • Title: Go Ahead On
  • Year: July 1966
  • City: Compton, California