Jimmy Mack

My World Is On Fire / Go On

Palmer : P-5019 DJ

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  • Artist: Jimmy Mack
  • A Side: My World Is On Fire
  • B Side: Go On
  • Label: Palmer
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Whilst "My World Is On Fire" has since 1973 been heralded a Northern Soul trophy, a timeless anthem that epitomizes the challenges the serious Northern Soul collectors have to overcome during the journey of amassing an enviable collection of the "classics" but also is the perfect example of the extreme energy showered upon the crammed dancefloors, during those NS golden years of the 70's.

"My World Is On Fire" encapsulates ever ingredient truly great Northern Soul should be made up of.. lift off, is an explosion of insistent girls group choruses, welcoming JImmy Mack's snarling desperation, landscaped with swirling high octane strings section, relentless rattling drums. Milke Terry pulls in the kitchen-sink for this one, fusing it all together into a torrent of Detroit exuberant enthusiasm.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL at its most magnificent! but..

In total contrast the cult followed flipside "Go On" sends shiver straight through me, an infinitely superior Michigan mid-tempo. That stands up against any of the most desirable, mid-paced gut-wrenchers the scene can offer. For me, easily in the same class as Jimmie Bo Horne - Just Can't Speak, Johnnie Mae Matthews, Buddy Smith, George Lemons or anything else you care to mention. "Go On" also shimmers with that inspirational quality only a few recordings can trigger.

Mike Terry calls upon a sympathetic guitar intro, to prepare us for a defiant vocal; as Jimmy's patience snaps, challenging his girl's threatened departure, with the ultimate response.

"Go On" walk out the door, "Go On" Baby I Don't Love You No More ... just "Go On" ... "Girl There's Something I Want To Tell You ! Don't Move!" he commands... the story has by now completely shackled your attention, painting a picture of a man who's utterly had enough, you can't help but admire his long overdue decision and the final outcome. Soulful storytelling at it's most riveting.

Mike, as always liberally decorates the background with the popping precision with his saxophone, blown in unison with a constant drumstick rim-shot, dance pulses just ripple on through. This is Northern Soul genius at work crafting an awesome piece of work, that just seeps deep into your head.

AWESOME ! in fact AWESOME x 2

Condition Report

Two flawless promo labels, super clean cherished vinyl revealing only the merest, occasional sleeve storage hairlines when angled in the light. As you can hear fidelity is flawless.

A Side

  • Title: My World Is On Fire

    B Side

  • Title: Go On
  • Year: 1967
  • City: 13401 Lyndon Ave. Detroit, Mich.