Jimmy Hughes

Why Not Tonight / inc: Slipping Around With You

Atlantic : 587068


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  • Artist: Jimmy Hughes
  • A Side: Why Not Tonight
  • B Side: inc: Slipping Around With You
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Format: LPs



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: E

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The rare 1967 UK press that includes what many consider the finest version of the "Muscle Shoals" Northern Soul anthem "Slipping Around With You"

But this 10 track testament to the exacting qualities of "Muscle Shoals" recordings, is so much more than a 1 track winner, no matter how standout "Slipping Around" is.

Check out the back cover scan and the bold easily readable track listing. Neighbor, Neighbor, It's A Good Thing, Why Not Tonight, Midnight affair and all those other mouthwatering delicacies of this renowned oasis for the country's finest musicians to ply their trade at; Rich Hall and staff were a team right at the top of their game.

Absolutely there is no 45 press, for Jimmy's upstaging version of "Slipping Around" which is conveniently placed as the "first track" on side B for an easy-instant DJ cue.

50 year old British album just do not surface with immaculate vinyl in 2018.. do they?

Condition Report

Vinyl and labels could not be better, housed in original poly-lined inner sleeve and utterly flawless in every way. The laminated cover front although clean has a mild scuff (unlike to show on the file image), spine rub, Back cover has a smile inducing pre-decimalization 15/11 price top left corner, a line has been drawn through it for a sale reduction to 14/11. Those were the days, 50 years ago, when record-digging in the UK through up some wonder bargains.

A Side

  • Title: Why Not Tonight

    B Side

  • Title: inc: Slipping Around With You
  • Year: 1967
  • City: United Kingdom