Jerry Jackson

It's Rough Out There / I'm Gonna Paint A Picture

Parkway : P 100 DJ

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  • Artist: Jerry Jackson
  • A Side: It's Rough Out There
  • B Side: I'm Gonna Paint A Picture
  • Label: Parkway
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Beat Ballad Heaven - an area of Northern Soul appreciation that just everybody has adored since the beginning Northern Soul, when records like; Jimmy Radcliffe's - Long After Tonight Is All Over & Bessie Banks's - Go Now - gave the club goer some respite from the rigors of the "speeding" dancefloor. The sound of the Big production "Beat Ballad" has always been dear to the hearts of the Northern Soul fan and still a big part of what actually encompasses the term "Northern Soul".

The "Brill Building" of New York the driving force behind these kitchen-sink productions using only the mightiest of voices to spearhead their work. Here is one of those classic beaters that started life in those legendary 60's clubs, played from that highly coveted British release, that occasionally surfaces to be fought over. But strangely enough over the decades I've found the USA press promo almost as rare it's UK counterpart.

So now listen to one of the greatest male Soul vocals of the 60's decade and this Parkway 100, his two finest recordings.

Both sides of this disc are truly monumental mid-tempo's crafted by that reliable coupling of Buddy Kaye & Phillip Springer, seasoned purveyors of the "Big City Sound". So much so, it matters not a jot which side you drop the stylus onto, a rich seam of Soul will cast your mind adrift on a rolling wave of the Big City Sound nailed by consummate Jerry Jackson crooning.

serving up real-deal "Beat Ballad Heaven" and then some more..

Condition Report

Two clean white promo label, contrasting the brilliantly colourful birth-sleeve, a beautiful vista for those collectors who adore a Northern Soul white promo. Vinyl has carries some fine light surface marks, but as you can hear both sides of this indomitable double helping of the Northern Soul Beat Ballad, it plays totally clean. Visually Ex, audibly Mint minus.

A Side

  • Title: It's Rough Out There

    B Side

  • Title: I'm Gonna Paint A Picture
  • Year: 1966
  • City: New York, N.Y.