I Need You Like A Baby / I Thank You Kindly

Roulette : R-7083

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  • Artist: Janice
  • A Side: I Need You Like A Baby
  • B Side: I Thank You Kindly
  • Label: Roulette
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Herman Griffin's interstate travels mostly between Detroit ad New York created some wonderful Motor City influenced hybrids, none more so when Herman struck a deal for Roulette to release two recordings that would feature a year later and become Northern Soul classic. Here is the original platform Andrea Henry & Diane Lewis sprung from. Two magnificent examples of Herman's writings with Edotha Croom in Detroit.

Roulette lead with a recording Dianne Lewis released later on Wand a wonderful girly mid-tempo but pales in comparison the Janice's original of the 1968 Andrea Henry MGM monster.

"I Need You Like A Baby" benefits from the prompting of considerate low-blown horns, vibes, piano and precise guitar plucks all fuse into one gently brilliant flow.

Janice's convincing voice is so much more expressive than the Andrea's. Taking on a charm of its own, you cannot stop the song from creeping under your skin. Those strolling lyrics "Like A Baby I'm Crying, I Need Your Satisfying". You hear Janice going the extra mile, injecting sultry desire into every word, you can almost touch her needing.. So much more expressive, slightly slower and giving you a whole new perspective on this great song. Classy tune, a great under-estimated original take, you cannot help comparing with the MGM Henry reworking. Slowly but surely Janice's original nudges up along side of the MGM classic.

On "I Thank You Kindly " you can hear all of Herman Griffin's Motor City skills oozing from the arrangement. Silky, shrill girl group "Doo Arhs" lift the song above the 1968 Diane Lewis take. Add the strings, instruct the girls to go even higher and your listening to a superior first draft.

As a flawless STOCK copy of this 45, a simple google will confirm it's extremely rarity compared to the promo press.

Condition Report

Two flawless STOCK copy labels, both sides of the vinyl are Mint!

A Side

  • Title: I Need You Like A Baby

    B Side

  • Title: I Thank You Kindly
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Detroit, Mich