James Phelps

The Look On Your Face / You Were Made For Love

Apache : AP959

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  • Artist: James Phelps
  • A Side: The Look On Your Face
  • B Side: You Were Made For Love
  • Label: Apache
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Crazy about Crossover?

Here Northern Soul Crossover at its sublime finest, two X over. This most-desirable Chicago "impossible", a record so doubly delicious it rarely, if ever, leaves collections or surfaces for sale, exstinct in the wild for several decades. But here it is a superbly clean example of Chicago's finest example of the NS Crossover sound.

The Windy City's most talented Richard Tufo & Floyd Smith collaborate to construct not one, but two sublime soulful strollers that have pleasured the attendees of the most discerning Soul clubs across Europe for nearly 4 decades. leading from the front in the mid-80s as the more carefully-considered "Crossover" sound began to emerge. The top side "The Look On Your Face" also recorded by Nate Evans & John Edwards; with this James Phelps version for me securely holding top-spot; with the contrast of his gravel-coated vocal and those heavenly sweet girl choruses is a stunning realization of how very moving mid-tempo NS grooves can be. When Mr. Phelps's voice cracks with emotion as truth unfolds that his girl is lying. James enacts the part of the despairing partner so convincingly. Hitting notes that just drill right down into your heart.

Flip it over, James falls to his knees again, with an impassioned portrayal of being rescued by love; My God, this man is saturated in SOUL, dripping it out on every note! What a singer, what a voice, his skill for driving his feelings right through to the insides of the listener is a rare thing indeed. Tufo & Smith pull out the very best of him, leaving his and your heart gasping for air, as he his the very floor, of soulful emotions.

TUNE! x two...

Condition Report

Two clean labels, vinyl carries full gloss revealing just a few soft sleeve storage hairlines under direct light. As you can hear it plays totally mint!

A Side

  • Title: The Look On Your Face

    B Side

  • Title: You Were Made For Love
  • Year: 1968
  • City: Chicago, Illinois