Jackie Lee

Oh, My Darlin' / Don't Be Ashamed

Jay Boy : BOY 66 DJ

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  • Artist: Jackie Lee
  • A Side: Oh, My Darlin'
  • B Side: Don't Be Ashamed
  • Label: Jay Boy
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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My formative Northern Soul years were 1970 - 1972 when my eagerness to learn and hear more about this USA Soul music that had devoured my brain, heart and being, since I'd been expelled from King Edward VII for smoking ( tobacco no less).

My brother, a MOD gave me off-road driving lessons, I was well prepared to pass my test first time. Purchased a car for £20 - I was on the road!!!

Soon cursing Alec Issigonis, who never put one ounce of thought into how testosterone saturated soulboys like me, were ever gonna christen their "wheels" with glorious adolescent sex in the confines of an 850cc Mark 1 Mini with an awkwardly angled gearstick that seemed to be determined to join in at the most delicate point in proceedings.

With my C90 cassette playing especially chosen girl-impress tunes "Jimmy James - A Man Like Me" "Johnny Johnson - Honey Bee" "Honey Cone - While You're Out Looking For Sugar" and every Chairmen Of The Board songs I could lay my hands on, and of course an overload of Motown. My contortionist skills gradually improved and I living the carefree "life of Riley" "Melton Mowbray style". I then met a girl who asked did I have Leon Haywood's Mellow Moonlight on the cassette... WHO?

I had to up my game "Leon Haywood"? I’d never heard of him…

Peter Tierney a fellow gas-fitter at Southfields college Leicester was the boy to help me with that, he had Blues & Soul delivered every two weeks, he told me about the Jay Boy label releasing an avalanche of great Northern Soul from the USA labels, Keymen, Mirwood, Shout etc. We visited Ainley's Record Store in Leicester every Friday to see what was new. Fi-Dels, Furys, Philip Mitchell, etc..were soon added to my now not so feeble record collection

John Abbey record reviewer and editor of Blues and Soul absolutely slammed "Oh, My Darlin' upon release , quote " it gives the impression of mass confusion in the studio"

the more thoughtful, Dave Godin saw it as something of a misunderstood masterpiece... I'm with Dave on that one, but I think John Abbey's review resulted in "Oh, My Darlin'" being Jay Boy's poorest selling Mirwood release. It was a few years on before its infectious powers burrowed into my head, entering my all time favourite top 10 NS records, where it remains to this day...

It's record I love to revisit, so very atmospherically soulful... always lifts my mood and this promo is a thing of beauty to me..

another thing I'd certainly would like to revisit is the passionate fumbling around in the ridiculously compact space of a 1963 850cc mini, avoiding any embarrassing contact with that uncomfortably angled stick-shift listening to Cornelius Brothers - Too Late To Turn Back Now... I'll ask the wife if she'd like to go for a drive in the country like old people do.

One thing I do know, who ever recommended "Alec Issigonis" for his Knighthood never spent an evening parked in a country lane playing soul music to a girfriend, with the hope of a “fumble” to some good tunes.

Condition Report

Two totally clean promo labels, 4 prong centre intact, full gloss mint minus vinyl ..a beauty

A Side

  • Title: Oh, My Darlin'

    B Side

  • Title: Don't Be Ashamed
  • Year: April 14th 1972
  • City: Enterprise House, Arklow Road, London SE1