Jackie Lee

Darkest Days / One For The Road

ABC : 11146 DJ

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  • Artist: Jackie Lee
  • A Side: Darkest Days
  • B Side: One For The Road
  • Label: ABC
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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From Los Angeles to the West Midlands of England to receive the adulation it so deserved. A Carl "farmer" Dene discovery that swept the country, rising to become an anthem at all the leading clubs of the time.

It was dark times & barren years that crafted this masterpiece.


Delta # 73393 Promo copy.
After his rather testing time at Mirwood Records, where between himself & Bob Relf they racked up hit after hit, allegedly with very little recompense for their huge contribution. In the autumn of 1968 Jackie Lee was indeed in his "Darkness Days". in limbo after Mirwood Records releasing life, had just drawn to a close, after only the label had only one release in 1967 and only two in 1968, none of them Jackie's. 1965/66 being Mirwood's golden years & Jackie their golden boy.. the whole of 1967 and most of 1968 were barren times.

On the back of this, allegedly Charles Jones pulled together lyrics, that reflected Jackie's situation. Collaborating with partner Bob Relf and the two greatest Soul producing talents Los Angeles had to offer. Fred Smith and the gifted James Anthony Carmichael pooled resources to craft a Northern Soul masterpiece. That became a Golden Torch anthem; so much so Nottingham's "Select-A-Disc" on Arkwright Street, the Cellar Record bar an oasis for Soul collectors throughout the early 70's commissioned ABC/Dunhill for a re-issue.

The reissue carried a new delta # of 85897, but still today commands a 3 figure sum even though it was pressed 3 years after the original..

So before you today is a masterpiece created by L.A.'s finest, with their back's to the wall, in search of a resurrection. But sadly it never happened.. another gem that fell through the cracks intro obscurity..

Go click the soundfile and see what teetering in despondency creates, when great talents meet in one room.

Solitary guitar plucks, castanets make for an iconic intro.. a pleading Jackie Lee serves up a determined beseeching performance; softened by shrill girl choruses that fill your being with inspirational thoughts. A bank of strings lift the song into the Heavens the girls pour out sympathy, as Jackie Lee's cutting vocal fades away!


Condition Report

Two clean labels, play perfect hardly spun styrere, crystal clear fidelity delivers goosebumps, not matter how many times you've heard it before.

A Side

  • Title: Darkest Days

    B Side

  • Title: One For The Road
  • Year: September 1968
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal