Jack Montgomery

My Dear Beloved / Do You Believe It

Scepter : SCE 12152


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  • Artist: Jack Montgomery
  • A Side: My Dear Beloved
  • B Side: Do You Believe It
  • Label: Scepter
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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"My Dear Beloved " the typo title that was quickly rectified, leaving the rarer quirky misprint another choice to chase.

Funny how the ever revolving door of Northern Soul tastes, eventually brought "Dearly Beloved" up front into our previously uneducated ears; creating a Northern Soul all-time-great. When throughout the 70's "Do You Believe It" dominated our sales list pitches and NS DJ's turntable choices.

After all, in our Northern Soul youth the pounding stomper was "King". The younger version of "us" did prefer a Bernie Inn "Steak" to Nouvelle Cuisine morsels. A super fast Mini Cooper to the comfort of the Ford Capri. A tight tee-shirted blonde bombshell to an intelligent spectacled slim-line damsel. So it is no surprise that this highly cultured flip-side passed by unnoticed at the time.

I'm perhaps more guilty than anyone, as I watched my 25 count box become emptier and emptier as each sales list arrived on collectors doormats. We had of course had sold out way before the B-side rocketed into Northern Soul success. I must have played it, but what the hell was I thinking? We were all, so entrenched into the upbeat, back-drop inducing world of the fast and furious Northern Soul. A monumental Soul treasure had slipped past, without s much as a 2nd play, by me anyway.

Today this recording sits comfortably as one of the very finest creations to emerge from the Motor City, Detroit gave birth to a masterpiece day Scepter/Wand took control of this Johnny Terry, Don Mancha, Mike Theodore Dennis Coffey collaboration. Loved by us all, possessing that rare quality that we never tire of hearing. So many other NS classics can dull your brain from overplays, that have sadly "jaded" many a masterpiece over the decades.

I couldn't help playing both sides today, for comparison. It did catapult me back to amphetamine fueled night when the dulcet tones of "Dearly Beloved" just would not have done it for me..

But then again in 1974 I had no class... or taste.

Now take a listen to one of the most exquisite Northern Soul records ever made..

Condition Report

Noting this copy has no BB drill, quite rare for the title. two clean labels, full gloss mint minus vinyl, still housed in birth sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: My Dear Beloved

    B Side

  • Title: Do You Believe It
  • Year: July 1966
  • City: Detroit, Mich