Jack Hammer

What Greater Love / The Mason Dixon Line

United Artists : UP 35029

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  • Artist: Jack Hammer
  • A Side: What Greater Love
  • B Side: The Mason Dixon Line
  • Label: United Artists
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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There was considerable in this excellent but under-exposed Northern Soul UK produced 45 when we listed a promo copy in December. For those of you who were out-battled foir ownership, we though a fine clean mint minus stock copy would offer up another chance for a friendly scrap for the freehold of this almighty now wider known tune.

A turbo-powered Brit-Soul juggernaut!!

You would think nobody could produce a stronger recording than the great Teddy Randazzo, but this Noel Walker & and Mike Vickers late August of 1969 Brit session, upstages the big sound of New York, that Teddy Randazzo, Victoria Pike & Richie Adams conjured up for Little Anthony and the Imperials a year earlier.

Recap: Whilst Little Anthony's is a magnificent recording of a monumental "Big City" "Randazzo" recording. That two Brits actually bettered in August 1968. The producing duo of Mike & Noel chose the mighty vocal of Jack Hammer to deliver those earth-shaking lyrics, a choice that ratcheted the whole landscape of the song up yet another gear. Mick Vickers & Noel Walker knew how to deliver Brit Soul to the max. Having between them, already worked with Eyes Of Blue, Fearns Brass Foundry, Truly Smith, with Mike constructing his own Northern Soul masterpiece "On The Brink" . The collaboration ignites one of the Britain's weightiest Soul recordings.

Jack Hammer's mean and mighty New Orleans born bellow, is the perfect partner for the full orchestra sonic boom about to be unleashed by Mick Vickers & Noel Walker kitchen-sink approach...a brutal kettle drum attack, leads full voiced choir into the fray, vibes, piano, horns, keyboard, strings, guitar ... the whole works are discharged, launching Jack's rich booming vocal on the unsuspecting listener....

AWESOME! ... in fact truly AWESOME!

Not often the Brits upstage the boys from New York, is it?

Condition Report

Two clean labels, 4 prong centre intact, bright full gloss vinyl revealing only the lightest of hairlines.

A Side

  • Title: What Greater Love

    B Side

  • Title: The Mason Dixon Line
  • Year: 20th August 1969
  • City: United Kingdom