J. J. Barnes

Our Love Is In The Pocket / All Your Goodies Are Gone

Revilot : 222

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  • Artist: J. J. Barnes
  • A Side: Our Love Is In The Pocket
  • B Side: All Your Goodies Are Gone
  • Label: Revilot
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: skr
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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It's a Northern Soul anthem, which ever of the two Detroit maestro sings it.

A hard 45 to acquiire in nice condition.

Revilot's foundational 45 for Darrell Banks sitting on the flipside of "Open The Door To Your Heart" as this iconic label kicked off with one of Northern Soul greatest ever double siders. But of course "Our Love Is In the Pocket" was always far to good, to ever just be a flipside. Enter the label's other iconic male vocalist J. J. Barnes to rival the original. As you can hear this song is again elevated into Northern Soul perfection. A song that has got EVERYTHING sung by an artist that portrays it in it's finest light, partitioned by a sax-break to die for.

Their has always been controversy surrounding this iconic record. Do you prefer the original take by Darrell? Or does J. J. lift it just a little bit higher? My personal preference is for J J.'s silkier delivery and the celestial girl choir held high on the power of Mike Terry's booming baritone blasts. But the debate doesn't stop their. Do you prefer the gorgeous multi-colored Revilot label prone to storage wear and fade or does your eye like the fleshiness of the pink label vista that this Revilot gives up.

Choices, choices, choices?

But all this debate is pointless when to the reality is the PINK is pressed in durable VINYL and the multi-coloured alternative is pressed in fragile styrene.

and of course all these points are totally irrelevant when you are presented with this 56 year old, the memories release by the soundfile will be the deciding factor.

Detroit Northern Soul at its most motivational. and do not overlooked the fabulous Northern Soul instrumental on the flipside..."All Your Goodies Are Gone" this needs to be heard! Pattering Bongos, triumphant trumpets, Dennis Coffey-esque guitar riffs, peppered allover with glorious burping saxophone interrupts... a brilliant instrumental that screams DETROIT ... this has slept for too long.

Condition Report

two clean label, with not for sale sticker on a-side label, strong gloss vinyl, there is a tiny mark in the last 1/3 rd. You may be able to detect a few of low-fi tcks as it passes over it. all lost in the musuc

A Side

  • Title: Our Love Is In The Pocket

    B Side

  • Title: All Your Goodies Are Gone
  • Year: May 1968
  • City: Detroit, Michigan