Love Is Blind / Ugly Girl

Moneytown: SK3M 1209

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  • Artist: Intensions
  • A Side: Love Is Blind
  • B Side: Ugly Girl
  • Label: Moneytown
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: rwr
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Rare-Soul scholars we already be fully aware of this more-than extremely hard-to-find Chicago vocal-group Northern Soul, that just never surfaces for sale.

"Love Is Blind" is one year before their highly sought after "I Feel So Good" single. With "Love Is Blind" witnessed "Moneytown" owner writer producer George Redman first coining of the phrase "I Just Can't Win". The Intensions team of Sammy Tate, Jimmy Jordan and Eddie Moore received little or no airplay with "Love Is Blind" falling into instant rarity. But undeterred, the guys quickly moved on, rebadging "Ugly Girl " as "She's My Baby" releasing it on the Bluelight label, which did receive a modicum of local Chicago success.

A gorgeous floating Northern Soul cruiser featuring a tortured male lead, who vows to "Never Love Again" as his sympathetic team cradle his every beseeching exposure of his hurt. Redman bridges the familiar tale of "male rejection" with a sulking saxophone. Leaving you wanting to investigate Rredman's and this vocal group's other work. I can assure you it all perfectly depicts Chicago "street-corner-symphonies" that Bob Abrahamian dedicated his life to document and air on his radio show "Sitting In The Park".

One of, Kansas resident, Redmon's early excursions into Chicago Soul, "Love Is Blind" was considered by Bob Abrahamian, the world's leading expert of Chicago Soul groups, as rare, if not rarer than their Holy Grail "She Needs Me" on U.S.A. When I purchased it off him over a decade ago, that was Bob's "Sales Pitch" but true to his word we have had 2 copies of their USA 45 this century and just this solitary "Love Is Blind" remain the only we have ever had.

A real-deal listing for those collector / DJ's dedicated to the rarest of the rare.

Redman's contribution to rare soul music was immense, he was sadly murdered in the mid-eighties with his life's work uncompleted.

Condition Report

Two clean labels reveal light surface ring wear, but clean (view images). Vinyl revealing light surface marks but strong gloss, playback gives up a few soft background pops along the way. "List)

A Side

  • Title: Love Is Blind

    B Side

  • Title: Ugly Girl
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Chicago, Illinois