There's Nothing Else To Say / Heart And Soul

Stateside : SS 2053

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  • Artist: Incredibles
  • A Side: There's Nothing Else To Say
  • B Side: Heart And Soul
  • Label: Stateside
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Coincidently released in the UK the same week as the first Blues & Soul no.1 was launched, changing its name from Home Of The Blues. Interestingly the early review of The Incredibles a brand new group to Home of The Blues readers. The reviewer thought it was "a great "modern" soul record for people who like the modern soul beat". Modern it certainly was in October 1967. Perhaps that is why this contemporary Los Angeles creation, has stood the test of time.

Now considered a Northern Soul classic, that nobody I know, has ever grown weary of hearing or dancing to.

But don't you just love the real-deal Northern Soul anthems, in their original British attire, just as it would have appeared on the turntables of the allnite MOD clubs in late 1967. The birth-sleeve though would probably have been thrown away by now. As in the 60's company sleeves for many were deemed to be an hindrance, to the quickfire loading on those hideous multi-stack Dansette record players, that kept the house parties in full swing right into the early part of 1970's.

For those who grew up with Sue, Stateside, Tamla Motown, red Atlantic, light blue Stax 45 strewn on the carpet at young "soulies" get-togethers. This vision of SS 2053 is just beautiful, a sight that takes every Northern Soul fledging back to his junk-shop, market stall, jumble-sale diggin' days. Stateside's, TMG's, blue Stax, red Atlantic, all vinyl vistas we all optimistically carried around in our head every day we set out on a hunt. For me the hope of finding an Incredibles or Hoagy Lands on Stateside was an indelible driving force of hope. That I still foolishly carry with me still today!

I never have of course found either 45 in the wild even after over 50 years of stalking every possible vinyl hideaway on my travels. Most every day of my life.. it's the hope, the search, the junkie addiction of the chase, knowing the adrenaline rush will be supreme; if I ever found it or its equal in the wild... it would be worth every second wasted in thousands and thousands of fruitless hours of pursuit. Remembering there is an army of eager British Soul Boys still taking part in this addictive vocation every weekend..

But more than beauty on the eye, this release, is in fine complete condition, that is what brought these words of memories and vinyl-love out of me today.

Take another spy at one of the Stateside "greats" in it's full glory, then take a well earned listen to the soundfile... there is of course "......Nothing Else To Say!"

except that, it is records like this, that the Northern Soul scene was build upon.

Condition Report

Two clean labels 4 prong centre intact, full gloss vinyl revealing just a few soft hairlines under light, still housed in birth-sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: There's Nothing Else To Say

    B Side

  • Title: Heart And Soul
  • Year: October 7th 1967
  • City: United Kingdom