Hollywood Persuaders

Hollywood A-Go-Go / Eve Of Destruction

Original Sound : OS-58

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  • Artist: Hollywood Persuaders
  • A Side: Hollywood A-Go-Go
  • B Side: Eve Of Destruction
  • Label: Original Sound
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Before Donald Trump there was Paul Buff with persuasive powers...and "fake" hits..

A Northern Soul classic instrumental that is far trickier to acquire as an original authentic first press, than most Northern Soul collectors may realize.. especially in unblemished flawless condition.

Although the five man guitar wielding troop were led by the enterprising, highly talented Paul Buff; a guy who not only taught himself electronic-studio techniques leading the field of Californian instrumental "Surf" monsters. He also honed a capacity for manipulation of the local-charts.

Buy "gifting" 45's to local record shops and radio DJ's, then bombarding the DJ's with play requests and employing an army of friends, associates and local youngsters to "buy up" the shops stocks he was able to conjure up the illusion of a local hit! Then heading east into the heart of L.A. to license these "hits" in Hollywood to record labels with more muscle. The cheeky, lovable Mr. Buff then christenings this personal gathering as the "Hollywood Persuaders"; as persuading was only one of his many gifts.

It worked so well for 3 years between 1963 & 1965 with "Drums A Go Go" 8 releases earlier being a huge seller for Buff & His Persuaders.. maybe his ruse ran out of steam, but this was his last attempt at chart success with "Hollywood Persuaders" and the release fell flat. Today remaining one darn elusive Northern Soul classic. Paul Buff moved on to greater things with Frank Zappa and is now considered a "Studio Icon". Surely his life is just begging for an Hollywood movie to be made;

I'm sure someone could be persuaded to make it.

It could feature me in California cratediggin', constantly moaning "Not Another "Fookin'" Copy Of Drums A-Go-Go" as for a fleeting split-second I thought I'd found "Hollywood A-Go-Go" and that happen so many times during the late 70's I subconsciously memorized "Drums A-Go-Go" 45 flipside title and the record release number..

Apparently I still occasionally talk it in my sleep.. "Agua Caliente - OS 50" .

.a previous girlfriend was sure I was dreaming about some Mexican chick with a 50 inch bust...

I was moaning, groaning and calling out F**k, F**k, F**k as I threw another "Drums A-Go-Go" back in the box..

Condition Report

Flawless vinyl, full gloss perfect labels..as good as you could ever hope to see.

A Side

  • Title: Hollywood A-Go-Go

    B Side

  • Title: Eve Of Destruction
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Hollywood, cal