Harvey and The Seven Sounds

Glamour Girl / (On The street Of) New York City

Cuca : 1155

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  • Artist: Harvey and The Seven Sounds
  • A Side: Glamour Girl
  • B Side: (On The street Of) New York City
  • Label: Cuca
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Harvey Scales most-wanted early recording in truly spectacular mint minus condition - a Northern Soul collectors trophy, marking a young Harvey embarking on his first steps towards a highly respected Wisconsin Soul journey .

James Kirchstein's Sauk City based label is considered an iconic imprint throughout the mid-west and beyond. A prolific independent that covered all genres, but only a very few by Soul artists graced their catalog.
A young talented 21 year old Harvey Scales back in 1963 opened his account with Cuca with an underrated "Curtis Mayfield" inspired mid-tempo harmony stroller "The Clock" following that non-seller. Harvey crafted the superior "Glamour Girl". A superb Curtis Mayfield inspired mid-tempo that saw some appreciative turntable action at Cleethorpes back in the 70's. But the old story of steadfast obscurity held it back from the usual 4 prong Pier DJ assault. Although even those few outings on the east coast were enough to build up a "wanted" reputation among the more investigative collectors. Occasionally raising "Glamour Girl's" profile were the Stafford, Bretby, DJ's keeping its reputation of extreme elusivity alight.

The beautifully lilting "Glamour Girl" draws heavily from neighboring Chicago sound, flavored with Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions right down to "It's Alright" guitar picks and lofty horns with the "Seven Sounds" delivering heavenly harmony choruses any Windy City group would have been proud of. Harvey Scales was indeed a talent writer producer but after 4 singles for Cuca and not one of them having notable sales. He and Cuca parted ways, but the group's career started to take off with the more Soul orientated Lennie LaCour label "Magic Touch" label.

The Milwaukee Soul Sound, tight harmonies with more than a hint and mayfield and a light sprinkling of Sam Cooke, Harvey Scales captured the essence of 1963. Flip it over "(On The street Of) New York City" again the session shimmers with the same alluring ingredients.

Two great sides, one very rare disc, ideal for a lockdown-set enhancement, ready in preparation those much-missed Sunday chill-out Rare Soul sessions.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, full gloss mint minus vinyl - a spectacular mint minus copy

A Side

  • Title: Glamour Girl

    B Side

  • Title: (On The street Of) New York City
  • Year: 1963
  • City: Sauk City, Wisconsin