I'm A Bashful Guy / Just Go For Me

Teri De: LJS 002

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  • Artist: Groovers
  • A Side: I'm A Bashful Guy
  • B Side: Just Go For Me
  • Label: Teri De
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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We shall never stop lauding the huge contribution to Northern Soul, that Los Angeles based Leonard Jewell Smith and team crafted within their Teri-De / Delanieur workshop.

Collaborating with highly gifted neighborhood talents like Hank Graham, Jimmy Conwell, Miles Grayson Jimmy & Ben Gresham the dream team consistently generated Northern Soul masterpieces.

This one is the 2nd. release on this extremely sought after label, a few optimistic collectors have even tried to run the whole label. More people have walked on the moon than succeeded in that daring challenge. Very small runs of each release, and a collecting machine far thirstier than the supply. Making every 45 on the Teri De label a rare highly sought after platter. This July 1966 release is no exception.

The "Groovers" themselves thought to have included Leonard Jewell Smith, Jimmy Gresham on vocals only recorded this one 45, which was lucky enough to be picked up by Imperial's "Soul" dedicated imprint for national distribution. Unfortunately it was no stepping stone to the fame Leonard Jewell Smith so deserved. The record failed to make an impact, and this release is also is no easy capture.

TERI DE is the release you need and the one the collectors seek; a label held in such high-regard it challenges the likes of Shrine, Artco, Thelma, Awake etc. as Northern Soul's most-desirable imprints.

So now listen to what this team of Miles Grayson, Jimmy & Ben Gresham and Leonard himself conjured up that summer of 1966.
We lead with "I'm A Bashful Guy" a horn driven, vibe saturated Northern Soul dancer led by a rich inviting vocal, supported by fluid vocal-group choruses. Just seamless Northern Soul. Which is replicated on the flipside.

Fluip it over for "Just Go For Me", a change of lead vocal, starting with an inventive burping alto saxophone. Embellished this time by a cooing Soul Sister chorus, greeting the ear. A gentler sound, but underlining Leonard Jewell Smith versatility a he unfolds a delicious Soul mid-tempo of a different style, but every note as compelling.

Two fabulous L.A. NS dancers of a label that still gives me goosebumps... piloted a man I've admired for nearly 50 years.

Condition Report

Fine clean close to mint minus vinyl, revealing just a few, very fine storage surface hairlines under direct light, as you can hear this rarity plays flawless. Both labels have "Guy Ward" of Malynn Distribution red promo D.J. stampings. "Just Go For Me " label has X X in marker (see images)

A Side

  • Title: I'm A Bashful Guy

    B Side

  • Title: Just Go For Me
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal