Gloria & The T-Aira's

I'm Satisfied / Running Out Of Time

Betty: Betty 1204

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  • Artist: Gloria & The T-Aira's
  • A Side: I'm Satisfied
  • B Side: Running Out Of Time
  • Label: Betty
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Young Guns, here's an opportunity to embarrass the establishment, by giving this double slab of NS brilliance the air-time it should have received over 4 decades ago.

An invitations to those young Northern Soul DJ's seeking classic style Northern Soul, those old Jocks unbelievably neglected.

Motivated by Chicago's relentless quest to emulate "The Detroit Sound" comes this in dependent label double helping of girl-group Northern Soul. Today of course we know, that Windy City crusade often sparked a sound surpassing the Detroit's charismatic dancers, with stunning D.I.Y. recordings from the streets, often made by virtual unknowns. Like this example.

Jerry Mundo & Sunny Sawyer's 1967 venture into the record business was a serious well thought out process. Even making sure they designed one of the most beautiful and memorable labels of rare Soul you could ever wish to see. Enlisting a studio full of talented musicians on the only 3 recordings of this pairings work, I've ever heard.

They started the label with a Blue-eyed "Garage Mover" before moving on to this Motownesque girl-group dancer that screams the words "real-deal Northern" no matter which side you drop the needle on

Gloria and her girls attack a muscular saxophone saturated dance arrangement laid down by Mundo's studio band "The Hounds". Together the gathering whip up a whirlwind performance of perfect Northern Soul. Giving the serious collectors a real gem to consider on the rare occasions it comes to market.

To be fair, Wigan Casino did give this torrent of girl attitude, some spins but it got lost in the downpour of top-tunes that were entering the country during the mid-70s. Then for some inexplicable reason it got forgotten as the wealth of rare spins to pick from became overwhelming; with the 45rpm floodgates from Los Angeles and Kings Lynn wide open.. it was a case of arm fulls of new exciting tunes every week. With no other DJ's outside presumably owning a copy, this record became another victim of "real-rarity" hindering it's NS progress.

Never mind, at least it prevented it ever being bootlegged and today provides us with a B-side that very few dancers or collectors have ever heard played out..

Two killer girl-tunes, that will surely have their day... especially now there are growing hoards of young enthusiastic Northern Soul DJ's just gagging for the chance to embarrass the DJ establishment.. by reminding them of the real rarities they somehow neglected "back in the day"..

Condition Report

Two clean labels, vinyl reveals just a few fine hairlines from sleeve storage. A top copy!

A Side

  • Title: I'm Satisfied

    B Side

  • Title: Running Out Of Time
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Chicago, il