Gladys Tyler with Ray Scott and the Scottsmen

A Little Bitty Girl (With A Great Big Mountain Of Pride) / Only The One You Love

Decca: 31991 DJ

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  • Artist: Gladys Tyler with Ray Scott and the Scottsmen
  • A Side: A Little Bitty Girl (With A Great Big Mountain Of Pride)
  • B Side: Only The One You Love
  • Label: Decca
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A match made in heaven when Chicago self-taught multi-musician Walter Spriggs brought the sassy big-voiced New Yorker Gladys Tyler under the wings of his production team and band.

Walter by the close of the 50's was recording under the name Ray Scott. This versatile entertainer could play most anything, had already written and guided crafted some great vocal-group R&B monsters with the likes The Flamingos and released some muscular R&B material himself on Apollo, Blue Lake and then in the late 50's killer rockers on Atco. and earned himself a huge reputation as a must-see club act.

So what a perfect fit Ray Scott and his team made, when fronted by the sassy Gladys Tyler. Gladys came from the same mold as Big Maybelle, Pearl Woods, Katie Webster, Carl Fran etc. The imposing feline roar of Ms Tyler was never intimidating, as she gracefully hit the high notes, whilst retaining seamless control, at all times.


"A Little Bitty Girl" written by Gladys herself, a veiled self-portrait sending a message, that even though she may have been diminutive in stature, but she was a mountain of a girl in self belief. This potent R&B dancer goes all way to make sure we believe it so, this gal is not taking any disrespect from her man. With Walter Spriggs leading at the piano, belting out a relentless bluesy dance rhythm and his Scottsmen horn section blasting through a barrage of horns. The combination is an explosive but totally controlled Sister R&B dance session of the highest order. For their next recording Walter Spriggs took Gladys to Memphis to record another potent dancer under guidance of Gene Bowlegs Miller "Mr. And Mrs Green" adding another layer to her Northern Soul standings.

But to hear what Walter Spriggs was really all about, check out his other Ray Scott and the Scottsmen New York recordings "Love Piled On Top Of Love" and the equally highly combustible "Right Now"

"A Little Bitty Girl" is another 1966 New York Sister-strutter, from a team who never released enough 45's and surely should have been a bigger force across the USA.

Where Spriggs garnered his musical prowess is a mystery, as he sang and played piano, guitar, bongos, and drums. Spriggs recorded several records for Apollo, Blue Lake & Atco and should be always be remembered for his Northern Soul contribution with and without Gladys, the gal with a mountainous voice.

Condition Report

Two clean pink promo labels, music publisher Hal Fein moniker sticker on the flipside. A-side is spotless, both sides of the vinyl both sides are strong full gloss mint minus revealing only a few soft sleeve storage blemishes. Housed in correct vintage sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: A Little Bitty Girl (With A Great Big Mountain Of Pride)

    B Side

  • Title: Only The One You Love
  • Year: July 1966
  • City: New York, N.Y.