George Wydell

From Out Of Nowhere / I'm Gonna Cut You Loose

Tangerine Records Corporation : 45-TRC-964 DJ

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  • Artist: George Wydell
  • A Side: From Out Of Nowhere
  • B Side: I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
  • Label: Tangerine Records Corporation
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A recording way ahead of it's time - made in July 1966 - it's subtleties would not be out-of-step with the finest gliding Crossover creations from beginnings of the 1970's decade. The highly accomplish right-hand man of Maxwell Davis at Kent/Modern records certainly knew how to bring together seemingly unapparent parts into one fully glorious classy floating production.

George's effortless crooning glides on a raft of shrill girl choruses, understated horns, a discreet piano all pulling you into mid-tempo gorgeousness. An awesome tune that creeps up and entraps you without warning.

The flipside comes from an opposite standpoint, same components but rattling percussion, thumping piano, squealing ladies are now right upfront, those horns now booming hard-blown and uncompromising. This is distilled Northern Soul are more used to hearing on this exciting Ray Charles imprint. a signature orchestral partition adds to the hustle and bustle of this impressive stomper. Two completely contrasting productions both with plenty to offer the NS DJ.

But for me personally "From Out Of Nowhere" is something special, drenched in unexpected quality, that in the confines of a Soul Club just perfect to submerge yourself into..

Two great sides, one elusive disc.

Condition Report

two clean promo labels, full gloss vinyl, revealing only the merest whisper of a soft hairline when angled in the light. as you can hear both sides play crisp and clean

A Side

  • Title: From Out Of Nowhere

    B Side

  • Title: I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
  • Year: July 1966
  • City: Los Angeles, California