George Peebles

Bonds Of Love / I've Cried

Make-It : MI-109


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  • Artist: George Peebles
  • A Side: Bonds Of Love
  • B Side: I've Cried
  • Label: Make-It
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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This week's R&B/Popcorn delight is way-beyond-rare and totally MINT!

A mid-60's D.I.Y. dream from local artist George Peeples; a resident of Big Springs, Texas hoping to break into the big time. Inspired by a guy who lived 95 miles North of him in Lubbock. But George never made it as the Big Springs answer to Buddy Holly but what he did do was create the most wonderfully weird Popcorn groove ever, who's addictive powers has pulled in so many DJ's and collectors of the Popcorn sound and created a frustrated underground.

Whether by fluke, luck or pure genius George blends R&B, C/W, Rockabilly with a pinch of Blues crafting a alchemy reaction of pure gold!

As the only record shop in Big Spring the fabled Oscar Glickman’s Record Shop will testify the record sold almost nothing and most all of the pile George dropped off for the shop to sell, were returned to him. His disappoint deterred him from making any more singles. His small run of discs he gave to his sons, who apparently used them as an opening line to attract local girls. "A Free Record" always started up a conversation.

"Bonds Of Love" was a very low run pressing that has long since vanished off the face of Texas, with only a very few reaching the hands of pioneering R&B and Popcorn DJ's seeking out the super-obscure. Like the prolific Michael Robinson in New York, Fabrizio Barone in Italy, the now famous Christopher Stukenbrock, Rob Powner in the UK, all DJ's with the knowhow to push the boundaries and seek out those long lost treasures of controversy. I with them, I love off-the-wall weirdness I did witness a Mexican-wave of swiveling when I dropped it into one of my more eclectic "Feed Your Soul" Newark sets before lockdown.

I love it, I love the story, I simply adore the rarity of this record from the legendary Texas outback record store I visited in 1977.

Who could have foretold, this spectacularly different 45 would have its day in far flung places across the globe over 50 years later..

Condition Report

Previously unplayed virgin grooves, revealing some soft birth-sleeve storage hairlines when angled in the light. As good as it gets condition!

A Side

  • Title: Bonds Of Love

    B Side

  • Title: I've Cried
  • Year: 1966
  • City: BIg Springs, Texas