Freddie Chavez

They'll Never Know Why / Baby I'm Sorry

Look : 5010 DJ

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  • Artist: Freddie Chavez
  • A Side: They'll Never Know Why
  • B Side: Baby I'm Sorry
  • Label: Look
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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If there ever was a Northern Soul anthem, screaming investment, investment, investment! Freddie Chavez displays all the right credentials for a wise-buy before values fly skywards and out of reach..

A record that evokes everything joyous about our youth. Triggering not only euphoric recall but also bristling with the power to teleport you back in time and drop you right in the middle of the Wigan Casino dancefloor, 1 o'clock in the morning 6th. April 1974. There is no significance in the date; it could have been any Saturday, any month, any year in the 70s the static-charged-atmosphere created by this turntable drop would have be just as electrifying any place, anywhere any time.

Simply universally adored by everyone who has ever attended a Northern Soul night.

That memorable Fuzz Guitar intro steps aside for the poignant story of man deeply in-love with a liar and a cheater, but he can't help himself. Freddie Chavez's soaring voice hammers his predicament home, the fuzz guitar breaks and those heavenly girl choruses make for one of the greatest Northern Soul stories ever told.

Undisputedly one of the ALL-TIME GREATS! That seldom comes to market ...all the above equates towards serious quest for lifetime ownership for so many collectors.

Condition Report

Two clean promo labels, strong gloss vinyl, revealing just a few soft blemishes, none affecting play.

A Side

  • Title: They'll Never Know Why

    B Side

  • Title: Baby I'm Sorry
  • Year: 1968
  • City: Albuquerque, New Mexico