Frankie (Love Man) Crocker

Ton Of Dynamite / Confession Of Love

Turbo : 0001

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  • Artist: Frankie (Love Man) Crocker
  • A Side: Ton Of Dynamite
  • B Side: Confession Of Love
  • Label: Turbo
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The from the same era when the diversity of the Northern Soul scene was never more apparent than in 1974 when the Blackpool Mecca was spinning "A Ton Of Dynamite" and Wigan Casino was spinning "Footsee". The line in the sand was drawn with The Mecca going more and more "Funky" and Wigan Casino DJ's momentarily veering towards "pop".

Ton Of Dynamite was a ground-breaking "hunk of funk" that took no prisoners on the Northern Soul dancefloor. As Blackpool Mecca started winning the street kudos. As time has proved beyond debate as "Footsee" will never grace a Northern Soul turntable again and Frankie Crocker still triggers allniter pandemonium when dropped.

What a record to launch your label with ... influential radio DJ Frankie “Love Man” Crocker aided by Willie Feaster, Benny Johnson and Sylvia Robinson certainly chose the right style and title for "Turbo’s" blast off.

Even though the early years of Turbo were quite unproductive. With all five of their 1969 45’s falling on hard ground with only meagre sales, this would later change when “Dynamite” sparked interest across Europe for everything “All Platinum & Turbo”

Whilst us mere mortals were listening to Mike Raven’s BBC radio one Soul show for our Soul educational fix. Ian Levine and Colin Curtis were listening Frankie Love Man Crocker on WBLS radio on cassette tapes Ian had brought back from his USA holidays. The turbulent sound “Ton Of Dynamite” stuck in their minds, then a few original 45s were located. The Blackpool Mecca’s boundaries were already widening; Levine and Curtis decided this frenetic edgy cocktail of Funk & Northern Soul was ready for a Highland Room airing. It was of course an instant success with the "Highlanders" receptive tastes. A record that has been ingrained into the Northern Soul psyche ever since. Even near 5 decades after those two audacious Blackpool Mecca DJ’s discharged it’s power onto a now expectant Highland room throng.

It is records of this ilk, and DJs who think outside the box that has kept the rich tapestry of Northern Soul music fresh, open-minded and addictive for all this time. Thank you Ian and Colin for pushing the boundaries.

Before you today, encapsulated in near 3 minutes of “dynamite” is a seldom-seen top drawer NS classic that pushed the envelope.

Condition Report

Clean a-side label, flipside label has a small name in marker. Strong gloss on vinyl, reveals only soft fine hairlines when angled in the light. listen to the clean soundfile lifted directly off this disc.

A Side

  • Title: Ton Of Dynamite

    B Side

  • Title: Confession Of Love
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Englewood, New Jersey