Frank James

Sea Of Faces / The Story Of My Life

Tru-Sound : 424

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  • Artist: Frank James
  • A Side: Sea Of Faces
  • B Side: The Story Of My Life
  • Label: Tru-Sound
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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1962 Popcorn groove that seldom surfaces for sale, crafted by the expert hand of David Axlerod Frank James serves up a "down n' dirty" stroller of infectiousness.

Frank's mournful growling vividly showcases his exasperation of looking for "his baby" in the crowd at the train satation. Genius comes from the 29 year old David Axlerod who was in the first phase if his journey into studio production that would soon win him worldwide acclaim as a highly accomplished inventive arranger / producer.

The early signs of genius are all there, as he elevates an already great song with a relentless funeral-march piano pulse intro the would be present throughout the arrangement, with Axelrod adding layer upon layer of melancholy moodiness. As this Popcorn stroller washes over you, extra ingredients unfold, a whining Harmonica; Timely vocal-group doo-wah, doo-wahs harmony choruses fill the background. Crashing cymbals Then "Axelrod" trademark Latin flavoured horns shoot skyward, adding that extra element taking the song into greatest. As the ever increasing snarls from Frank take this R&B/Popcorn great for it finale..

BRILLIANT! pair up with David Coleman's "Drown My Heart" for the Popcorn moment to explode!

It's frustrating elusiveness quickly confirmed by a the regular googling choices. It been some time since this narcotic beauty has appeared on the market. But do not overlook the Deep Soul vocal-group embellished ballad.

NOTE this auction finishes THURSDAY 26th. DECEMBER "Boxing Day" usual live conclusion

Condition Report

X X on a-side label, otherwise clean. Vinyl has good gloss revealing light wispy hairlines when angled in the light; nine of which affect play, as you can hear.

A Side

  • Title: Sea Of Faces

    B Side

  • Title: The Story Of My Life
  • Year: 1962
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal