Features with Sammy O'Banion

Cause It Hurts / Laugh It Off

Delphi : 382

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  • Artist: Features with Sammy O'Banion
  • A Side: Cause It Hurts
  • B Side: Laugh It Off
  • Label: Delphi
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E

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We have spoken before about my personal interest in the elusive Georgia connected "Delphi" label. Ever since as a young man I found records by The Prophets, Pallbearers, Roy Smith, Wain Randell etc. and how the label numbering system left gaps which had my mind imagining all sorts of treats where in store if I could find something else on the mysterious Albany, Ga imprint. As I was sure there was more great records to be found on Delphi. So when The Oxford Nights was discovered my interest was reignited into what else Delphi would throw at us as the years passed.

Not much else really as the Delphi product remained super-rare, so elusive in fact from the estimated at least 16 releases I've only ever encountered 9 of them.

So this ultra- rare 45 by "The Features" again triggers my long-term Delphi interest; and it's no surprise it is just as enthralling as other releases on the label. Predominately blue-eyed Soul dancers, with th\at "Carolina" dance production that Northern Soul has always warmed to.

So lets check out this obscure gathering and their two "Soul" offerings.
Top side is an "O'Banion" composition, a delicious mid-tempo groove a Crossover delight peppered with a lilting guitar riff, an expressive lead vocal and strong male group choruses. Really fine mid-tempo who's rarity pedigree is 2nd. to none. When Sammy O'Banion was contacted he said the so few of the 1000 45 press sold, in frustration he dumped 950 of them off a bridge into the Savannah River bordering Georgia with South Carolina. Where the remaining 50 went to he doesn't have a clue.. Rarity indeed on 50 making it into the wild, no wonder I've never seen or heard it before.

To make matters even more enticing the flip side is a great version of The Tams "Laugh it Off" solid Northern Soul groove with group harmony backing.

This is a listing for the collector who's serious about real-obscurity and like me captivated by the plausible rarity of records made by such a consistently good label..

Delphi I'm sure you have more gems to hidden away somewhere in the depths of the Georgia countryside... unless throwing records of the bridge was a popular activity back in 1968 ..

Condition Report

Light storage wear to the yellow labels, minuscule age-browning. Vinyl gives up light surface marks under direct light, but plays clean & true.

A Side

  • Title: Cause It Hurts

    B Side

  • Title: Laugh It Off
  • Year: 1968
  • City: albany, ga