Father's Angels

Bok To Bok / Don't Knock It

MGM: 1459 DJ

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  • Artist: Father's Angels
  • A Side: Bok To Bok
  • B Side: Don't Knock It
  • Label: MGM
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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British collecting Holy Grail!

a Keith Minshull play, that became the "The Golden Torch" theme tune circa 1972, when the Northern Soul instrumental was "King" before you today in the "King Of Those Kings".

Released by MGM in the UK only, with Jerry Ross not releasing his own production from his "Heritage" catalog. But MGM being under a contractual distribution commitment to Heritage. Ensuring they released more than just The Show Stoppers, Bill Deal and The Rhondels, Cherry People, Duprees etc. MGM chose this previously unissued track by The Father's Angels to reach their release quota, of "Heritage" offerings.

Jerry Ross told John Bratton of Selecta-Disc in 1975, when John was securing the "Bok To Bach" rights for the "Black Magic" label, that the Father's Angels were band of traveling Pennsylvania "Monks" all of whom were proficient musicians. Named after their manager/bus driver Father Angelo who drove them to local gigs around Allentown. Nobody was quite sure whether it was true at the time, that they were "Monks" but recent in-depth research by Russell Gilbert. quote "It was Gene Kaye, a popular DJ on Allentown's WAEB radio station that first noticed them. However, at least some, if not all of the band were from Williamsport, PA." Seems to suggest they were indeed a large gathering who were recommended to Ross by Gene Kaye" not the holy work of Allentown priest.

With no writer credits, seems this was a "Jam" session produced by Jerry Ross that coincidently just ticked all the Northern Soul boxes. So when the "two Dave's" from Manchester sold Steve Glover a copy of their new find, "Bok To Bach" was on its way to becoming the biggest most-wanted Northern Soul instrumental dancefloor destroyer in the UK circa 1972/73.

In 2021 this vision of British collecting dream, is now beyond-rare and utterly gorgeous Pink & Silver vision is still held in the highest esteem. As so many old-school collectors have yet to have to joy of owning a copy of the most-influential Northern Soul instrumental of them all!

Plus of course it was issued in the UK Only!

Condition Report

Two bright clean pink demo labels, full gloss super clean vinyl.

A Side

  • Title: Bok To Bok

    B Side

  • Title: Don't Knock It
  • Year: 29th November 1968
  • City: United Kingdom