Family Circle

Family Circle / 1973 original

Sky Disc : SKD 301

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  • Artist: Family Circle
  • A Side: Family Circle
  • B Side: 1973 original
  • Label: Sky Disc
  • Format: LP



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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The Family Simmons family James, Don, Charles, Mary & David craft a Sweet Soul masterclass!

Just 4 tracks of this delicious 10 track Sweet Soul adventure, made it onto their only two 45's in this highly creative Soul dedicated label

1. If You Really Want To Make It
2. Change
3. I Hope You Really Love Me
4. Loving You Makes The World Go Round
all four stunningly flawless vocal sessions in their own right.

Leaving six others on the album, all every note as good if not better, than those chosen for 45 release.

Standout tracks such as the breathtaking " Bridge With One Side Down " are album-only treasures. "Well Runs Dry" pulls from the successful Jackson Five dance tunes. "La La So Lucky" rippling string elevated Sweet Soul Sensation of shiver-inducing power.

Listen to the brief snippet of the albums class by clicking the sample soundfile we lifted, being assured every track has been exquisitely constructed by the experienced hands of arranger George Andrews, producer Randy Irwin into an levitational experience of Sweet Sol at it icy-beat. Every track a winner, a near 30 minute odyssey into a dream-like state of tranquility only this level of seamless Soul can take you to.

Truly spectacular vocal group Sweet Soul, and unicorn RARE!

Condition Report

Flawless vinyl, perfect labels, cover reveals only mild signs of storage. A beautiful copy

A Side

  • Title: Family Circle

    B Side

  • Title: 1973 original
  • Year: 1973
  • City: Newark, New Jersey