Evie Sands

I Can't Let Go / You've Got Me Uptight

Blue Cat : BC-122

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  • Artist: Evie Sands
  • A Side: I Can't Let Go
  • B Side: You've Got Me Uptight
  • Label: Blue Cat
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Creators of many immortal lyrics, Al Gorgoni & Chip Taylor, master-craftsmen of the "girl" sound and would-be film makers do it again. With one of New York's best loved Sister vocals, the gritty blue-eyed soulful delivery with Brooklyn attitude, made her a standout songbird, surely destined for great things.

Unfortunately just like her stablemate Bessie Banks had to endure with "Go Now". Evie's progress was stifled by other artists copycatting her original work, and getting bigger hits from their plagiarism. Her first 45 for Al Gorgoni & Chip Taylor was the much copied "Take Me For a Little While". Chess's Jackie Ross stealing Evie's thunder on that one, racking up an R&B chart success whilst Evie's original sold poorly.

Even worse in the case of "I Can't Let Go " it sold virtually nothing upon release, whilst less than a year later UK's "The Hollies" had a worldwide hit with the same song. Sadly the Evie Sands original buried and forgotten, today it is easily her rarest 45.

"Picture Me Gone" suffered the same fate, with Madeline Bell's Philips version selling far more copies.

"I Can't Let Go" is an awesome Northern Soul girl dance-sound, that has received little or no Northern Soul turntable attention, simply because very few DJ's can boast of owning a copy. Click the soundfile to collide with the huge NS potential this original recording is saturated in; fortunately recently it has been featured on a few discerning "lockdown" play lists and at last receiving the long overdue recognition it so deserves.

Watch "I Can't Let Go " fly over the coming months... killer song from a lady with just one hell of a voice, who encountered a few obstacles along the way in her highly highly respected career.

Now hear Evie's rarest, by a very long way...


Condition Report

Two clean, gorgeous stock copy yellow and blues stock copy labels, strong loss vinyl, revealing only soft hairlines

A Side

  • Title: I Can't Let Go

    B Side

  • Title: You've Got Me Uptight
  • Year: November, 1965
  • City: New York, N.Y.