People / Gregory Moore

Briarmeade : BR 7604


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  • Artist: Ellipsis
  • A Side: People
  • B Side: Gregory Moore
  • Label: Briarmeade
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: F

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Ellipsis - People / Gregory Moore - Briarmeade BR 7604

a soulful-dance HOLY GRAIL decorated with haunting horns !

A monster tune for Soul Sam, Pat Bleasdale, Mick Hefferrnan, over the years and very, very few other A-List rare soul DJs in EU, a top tune owned by so few.

A sound that has graced all the most-respected soul events across Europe. As only the finest furnished DJ boxes are invited to fly out from Scandinavia and the UK to wow soul fans across Europe. A tune that resonates into the very hearts of the dancers no matter where in the world it is being heard.

An irresistible dancefloor call to arms, from the very first gust of those aerial horns, greeted by the sandpaper throated lead voice, appealing for the people’s of the world to unite in the common cause of peace. A timeless Soul music request; but this time driven by turbulent baseline pulses, persistent pumping brass and a saxophone display blending together for a compelling invitation to dance, that nobody can resist.

It is being able to spin records of this calibre, is what stretches the gulf between the enthusiastic local Northern Soul disc jockey and the rare-soul dedicated DJing soul elite, even further; encouraging soul-fans to not only to travel hundreds of miles to hear, but also leading to imperative airplane ticket purchases to be part of the discerning, highly selective DJ sets littered with Holy Grails that electrify dance halls over Europe.

This example from the streets of St. Louis being one of the most motivating…and hardest to acquire.

I also actually really adore the sorrowful social observation, the eulogy of "Gregory Moore" hidden away on the flipside, again slick jazzy influences woven into a soulful tapestry of those still mournful but complete with beckoning horns and a highly emotional trumpet solo.

Condition Report

Faint dedication to a friend by song composer Cel Clark, on the a-side label. Vinyl reveals visual multiple surface marks, that don't affect play (listen) to "People" vg+ playback" "Gregory Moore" is more like vg with a low-f i ticks and pops along the way. both sides play great!

A Side

  • Title: People

    B Side

  • Title: Gregory Moore
  • Year: April 1976
  • City: St. Louis, Missouri