Edwin Starr

Scotts On Swingers / same: 2:08 mono version

Ric-Tic : RT-109-X DJ

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  • Artist: Edwin Starr
  • A Side: Scotts On Swingers
  • B Side: same: 2:08 mono version
  • Label: Ric-Tic
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: skm
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A stunning example complete with birth sleeve, still housed in its birth-sleeve. Near perfect labels, full gloss vinyl mint minus vinyl. Absolutely NO Northern Soul DJ circuit play.

The story of its being: Whilst since 1959 "Payola" rewarding radio DJ's with money or favours received an high profile investigation, and ended in the preventative measures of stripping the DJ's of the rights to choose their own plays.

But the savvy team at Wingate thought of another way to curry favour with radio stations and their DJ's. Ric-Tic gave Edwin Starr carte blanche for vrewriting "S.O.S." Stop Her On Sight with lyrics that paid homage to Detroit's most influential DJ Scott Regan "He Plays The Best Music In Town" just one of the lines of adulation heaped upon this famed DJ.

What a great idea reinforcing the bond between Scott Regan, The DJ and Ed Wingate's Ric-Tic label. Nothing illegal about massaging a DJ's shoulders and telling him how great he is.. It will have strengthened Ric-Tic's position in Detroit also, a very savvy move indeed. With the conclusion in the end, was Motown deciding to buy out this burgeoning independent, and enlisting Edwin Starr's services into the bargain.

Today this 45 is considered THE really cool way to play "S.O.S." Stop Her On Sight" for the UK DJ. It's not only a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, it is also a turntable head-twister for those dancers who haven't heard it before.. an explosive reaction assured at those oldies reunion nights.

This copy has two pristine white promo labels, vinyl reveals hardly a blemish, as you can hear it plays perfectly. Absolutely clear of any DJ fatigue whatsoever, as this beauty came directly from a old-school collection complete with it's lovingly designed and titled vintage white card cover.

Now click the sound file for a different, but blistering adjustment of a timeless classic that has crammed the dancefloors of the United Kingdom since 1966, reverberating one of Detroit finest vocals and also arguably the best sax-break of them all...

Condition Report

almost perfect, a small round soft faint sticker residue shadow on the flipside label (see images), otherwise two clean white promo labels, full gloss mint minus vinyl, revealing only the faintest sleeve storage blemish when angled and scrutinized under direct light. A real top copy, that has yet to meet a Northern Soul DJ. Playback is stunningly perfect.

A Side

  • Title: Scotts On Swingers

    B Side

  • Title: same: 2:08 mono version
  • Year: January 1966
  • City: 3246 West Davison Street, Detroit, Michigan