Edward Hamilton

Baby Don't You Weep / Tell Me

Mary Jane : P 1005

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  • Artist: Edward Hamilton
  • A Side: Baby Don't You Weep
  • B Side: Tell Me
  • Label: Mary Jane
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A fine clean copy of this Northern Soul classic of classics!
Every Northern Soul club in England during the mid-70's simmered over to boiling point, on a wave of togetherness, every time this monumental Motor City dancer hit the turntables.

Written by part of the greatest neighbourhood writing team of the time; Fred Bridges & Richard Knight again crafting a very special moment in the history of Northern Soul. Swirling strings cut the air, peppered by rhythmic Bongos; the perfect carpet to weave a standout vocal into. The throaty, expressive "Hamilton" presence canters through the magnificent production, cradled by his teammates "The Arabians" lifting the session with their timely support, as Edward hits all the crescendos head-on. Then comes one of the most fabulous instrumental breaks ever dropped into a Soul production. Strings build up momentum, bongos beat harder and the Hamilton vocal steps back.. as the arrangement explodes, with thumping violins attacking the air, then an enthusiastic guitar breaks through bridging everything together.; leaving you breathless in it's wake of soulfulness.

A song nobody as ever tired of, to this day it still sends shivers through my body, amplified by memories of my Northern Soul infancy.

I've recently added this 45 to my DJ box again, even though I'm certainly not noted for playing oldies no matter how good they are. The reason I've started carrying this disc around with me again, is the staggeringly fabulous B-side "Tell Me". I'm always on the lookout for songs we didn't pay enough attention to, along the way...I remember thinking the flip was pretty good back in 1976, but recently playing it for the first time in an age; a total knockout tune smacked me square between the ears.

"Tell Me" is perfect for a revisit in today's dancefloor mood, whilst "Baby Don't You Weep" is always a great choice for memory lane.

Two killer sides, and one I'm aiming to use in the future. It's well overdue for the Northern Soul congregation got to hear a tune we passed over 40 years ago...

Listen and "weep"

The flipside we all overlooked because the a-side is just THE BEST!

Condition Report

Two beautifully clean labels, not a hint of water damage, that so often plagues this record. Vinyl has good gloss, revealing only light hairlines, plays strong loud ad clean. Check out the uplifting double soundfile

A Side

  • Title: Baby Don't You Weep

    B Side

  • Title: Tell Me
  • Year: 1966
  • City: 6072 14th. Street, Detroit, Mich