Edie Walker

Good Guys / Young Tears Don't Fall Forever

Rising Sons : RS 713 DJ

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  • Artist: Edie Walker
  • A Side: Good Guys
  • B Side: Young Tears Don't Fall Forever
  • Label: Rising Sons
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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"The Good Old Days Of Northern Soul...When "You Can't Tell The Good Guys From The Bad"

A listing especially for those of you dedicated to the Northern Soul real-deal classics, the game-changers from the early 70's and want to o original first presses only.

Here is the extremely elusive November 1968 Promo label variation, that dispels all doubts of authenticity whilst giving you quite easily it's rarest format.

Let me explain..
In the early 70s whilst Simon Soussan was supplying the UK DJ's with his latest discoveries, his ingenious mind, had the bright idea of bootlegging the sure-fire futire monster "finds"; before anyone knew what the original was, or even looked like.

When Simon found this Florida lady's most brilliant NS dancer, he decided to rename the label from Rising Sons to "Real Soul". You see his tongue-in-cheek thinking R S; Rising Sons changes to "Real Soul". Pressed using that signature shocking-pink Los Angeles labelling so popular in the 60's. Changing Edie's name to Patience Valentine and retitling it as "You Can't Tell The Good Guys From The Bad".

An ironic title for Simon to invent, as we really couldn't tell "The Good Guys From The Bad"... The sting was now set, Patience Valentine was sent to the British DJ's, it was an instant success and Simon had 300 copies on hand to meet the demand... they were soon being sold at all Soul 45 shops throughout the UK.

But it gets worse, to muddy the waters ever further, when the original vinyl white promo was found on Rising Sons, within a short time, the white promo was convincingly counterfeited as an exact label replica. Flooding the market with no mention of it being a bootleg.

Let's face it, this Northern Soul collecting thing, was a minefield of deception throughout the 70's. It wasn't until a few years later that anybody noticed we'd all had our "pants pulled down" with a mountain of counterfeits slowly and steadily drip-fed into the market.. Darrell Banks - Angel Baby , Marsha Gee, Dalton Boys, Casanova Two, Fred Hughes, Sandy Wynns, Coasters, Carstairs, Joe Douglas... far too many to mention.. but all now all thankfully clearly documented.

So let's get back to Edie Walker, the original vinyl press white demo is RARE but devalued slightly by a convincing counterfeit that has fooled many collectors...Before you today is Edie's rarest by far, variation of this great song that made a few dishonest dealers a few "bob" back in the day..

FULL COLOUR West Coast November 1968 press, there's no confusion here, it's obviously stunning label-art quite stunning and 100x rarer than the original white promo pressed in vinyl..

Collecting authentic Northern Soul, is so very satisfying when you are the owner of such authentic label beauty...

You can't tell The Good Guys From The Bad"

Condition Report

Two perfect labels, vinyl reveals hardly a blemish

A Side

  • Title: Good Guys

    B Side

  • Title: Young Tears Don't Fall Forever
  • Year: November 1968
  • City: Nashville, Tenn