Eddie Horan

City Life / There's No One Else

WMOT : WS9 02940

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  • Artist: Eddie Horan
  • A Side: City Life
  • B Side: There's No One Else
  • Label: WMOT
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: skm
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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To make the transistion as a writer producer from the 60's, seamlessly into the 70's then the 80's takes considerable skill and know-how.

This month we pay respect to Los Angeles writer producer Hadley Murrell, his versatility and craft has served the Soul collector with some real gens over the years.

From his Deep Soul masterpieces with Eddie & Ernie; his Northern Soul vocal-group brilliance with the Servicemen. His 70's recording with Smoked Sugar, Black & Eddie Horan all all essentials in the quest for Soul vinyl.

This 45 1982 production is arguably the rarest of all his 45's over the decades we have certainly seen less of this 45 than even the Servicemen on Chartmaker.

Why this 45 is so very rare, is a mystery, it is after all a delicious mid-paced dancer, which I've only occasionally heard when an elite DJ takes to the turntables at discerning venues like Souil essence etc.

It's elusivity is legendary, and we are certainly not embarrassed to admit this is only our second copy in the last 20 years..

If your seeking quality Modern Soul with a second-to-none rarity CV, this is it.. Top drawer mid-tempo Soulful dancer that very few DJ's own..

Condition Report

Sparkling vinyl is utterly flawless, just a mild tiny sticker residue stain on the a-side so faint is may not show on the label scan. It is the only freckle on a perfect face..

A Side

  • Title: City Life

    B Side

  • Title: There's No One Else
  • Year: 1982
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal