Eddie Carlton

Misery / It Will Be Done

Swan: 4218 DJ

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  • Artist: Eddie Carlton
  • A Side: Misery
  • B Side: It Will Be Done
  • Label: Swan
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Never has there been such Northern Soul brilliance that's been passed by for so long..

The genius of Norman Johnson applied to this disc, not just once but two times over. "The It Will Be Done" side was of course a hugely popular Northern Soul spin; so popular in fact that Manchester based Global Records reissued it on their highly regarded Cream label in 1976. With their association with Philadelphia based Swan records they were able to back the sing with an instrumental version. It was as if "Misery" diodn't exist. I must admit at the time I never knew that "Misery" was spectacular Philly Northern Soul sent from Heaven.

I think it was as late as, the early 90's, when I got a copy and flipped it over..WOW what a tune. I'm sure others must have flip it over before me, but I'd never heard it played which at out before that time, I found that astonishing.

I'm still amazed today that this neglected flipside that should have been the play-side from the very first outing.

Norman Johnson's simplistic piano intro, is brushed aside by a bevvy of girls and their shrill voices soaring overhead. Then comes typical "General Johnson" lyrics, depicting loneliness, gloomy days, sleepless night and still those hum away in the background, as killer key changes elevate the song into Northern Soul Nirvana. The compulsory Sax break, followed by a lone piano statement, then off we go again.

A perfect Northern Soul with every ingredient required for dancefloor satisfaction..

Why this side was not played before "It Will Be Done" is puzzling, as today it would have stood next to or above another Norman Johnson creation ...
John Leach - Put That Woman Down in stature and value...

If any DJ is thinking of a renaissance for unwarranted neglect of top-drawer Northern Soul - dropping the needle on this beauty is long overdid....and so very necessary !

Collectors noting of course "Misery" is only available as the USA original, no Bootlegs and Cream's 1976 release put an instrumental of "It Will Be Done" on the b-side.

Condition Report

Two flawless promo labels, both sides of the vinyl

A Side

  • Title: Misery

    B Side

  • Title: It Will Be Done
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Philadelphia, pa