Earl Van Dyke and the Soul Brothers

All For You / Too Many Fish In The Sea

Tamla Motown: TMG 506 DJ

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  • Artist: Earl Van Dyke and the Soul Brothers
  • A Side: All For You
  • B Side: Too Many Fish In The Sea
  • Label: Tamla Motown
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Credit where credits due...

Recorded in January 1965 in preparation for the impending British tour. This promo 45 from EMI launched 18th. March 1965 as introductory release for the forthcoming spring of 1965 Motown tour of Britain covering 20 dates across the country. Motown was then still a growing musical phenomena that was yet to reach its peak, the tour was designed to give Tamla Motown a higher profile in Great Britain. But unfortunately only partly a success, the ahead of their time London shows were sell-outs, whilst other parts of the country were poorly attended and "All For You" sunk without trace. Today considered one of the rarest UK Tamla Motown 45's, on a red and white promo an extremely sought rarity.

The jazz theme tune to Motown shows written by Jo Hunter, Henry "Hank" Cosby & William "Mickey" Stevenson. Masterly performed by keyboard King and band leader of the Funk Brothers in 1965. On the revue adverts Earl Van Dyke was billed as the Earl Van Dyke Sextet, presumably to garner some British "jazz" interest. But correctly credited as Earl Van Dyke and The Soul Brothers on UK 45 the release.

The Soul Brothers being the "Funk Brothers" the very heartbeat of the Motown Sound. Included some Northern Soul icons performing on this session; the legendary bass guitarist James Jamerson. The dynamic drumming of Benny Benjamin; Mike Terry and his burping bari-sax; replacing Jack Ashford on tambourine was Paul Riser along with guitarists Robert White & Joe Messina; The soaring vocals provided by The Andantes.

Within all the accolades of the "Motown Sound", what has not been made completely clear is the fact, that without the skilled musicianship of Early Van Dyke & his team, the ingenuity of its members. The "Motown Sound" would not have existed as we known it today.

But briefly recognized in 1965 by Motown releasing, Earl Van Dyke's album entitled "That Motown Sound" but later pushed into the background as the Motown stars took all the limelight. This Ensemble were without question the very foundations of the Motown Sound, that's why "The Motown Revue" brought over these gifted studio musicians; as nobody in the UK could have replicated the sound and the intricacies and the synergy that created, what the BBC described at the time as "The Brand New Beat"

"All For You" was Earl's and Soul Brothers theme tune, the opening to this spectacular show. But its release in the UK failed to registered, lost in an avalanche of Tamla Motown UK vocal releases at the time, most of which became timeless classics. Back in the USA the tour was heralded as a resounding success, but "All For You" although given a release number Soul 35009 it was never pressed on vinyl and remains today Motown's rarest "lost" 45, as it is still unconfirmed to actually exist.

Before you today is this Tamla Motown slice of history presented in its rarest form. A gorgeous 18th. March 1965 Red & White Demo! a Motown artifact in remembrance of Dusty Springfield's historical Friday night hosting and singing of the April 25th Ready, Steady Go - Motown Revue show.

Ironically the flipside "Too Many Fish In The Sea" a fabulous Northern Soul dancer, involved the talents of future Northern Soul heroes from the Pied Piper production team Jack Ashford & Herbie Williams.

All this truly unparalleled music we worship today, was part spawned by collaboration of Earl Van Dyke and His Soul Brothers... "The Funk Brothers" who will hopefully one day, receive the worldwide recognition they are long overdue.

Condition Report

Brilliantly clean A-side label, small comment written b-side label (see images) Strong gloss vinyl, revealing just the merest soft hairlines under light, plays crisp, clean and true.

A Side

  • Title: All For You

    B Side

  • Title: Too Many Fish In The Sea
  • Year: 18th. March 1965
  • City: United Kingdom