The Fife Piper / And I Always Will

Pye International : 7N 25389 DJ

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  • Artist: Dynatones
  • A Side: The Fife Piper
  • B Side: And I Always Will
  • Label: Pye International
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: skm
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Timeless Club Classic in it's rarest most desirable form. It's history embedded into the very heart of Northern Soul growth.

During the heyday of the Twisted Wheel this addictive guitar driven, flute decorated instrumental, completely caught the imagination of the Twisted Wheel, The King Mojo, The Scene Mods.. to become the most-wanted 45 on this then embryonic Northern Soul scene. Roger Eagle the Godfather of Northern Soul coining the phrase as early as 1964 and putting it into print on his Twisted Wheel fanzine "Northern Scene" the same year. driving a scene that thrived on records just like this.

Born in the USA on tiny J. J. Jules vehicle for indie creations the St. Clair. Soon picked up by cartoon company Hanna-Barbera record arm which triggered the highly sought after album. The whole of the Hanna Barbera catalogue was soon licensed to UK Pye who most likely had no idea what this style of music was, or indeed how to market it.

Although it never got passed the investigative allniter DJs of the time, it's brief release certainly passed by everyone else unnoticed. Raising up to become the no. 1 club instrumental spin of 1966 thru 68 culminating in a small white label bootleg 45, pressed to meet the huge demand. Problem was the unauthorised run was so small, it never went any where near quenching the thirst for ownership, of this crowd-pleasing floor-filler.

When the trickle of vinyl 45's from the USA to the UK became a flood circa 1969 the HBR USA release became an easy find. and "The Fife Piper" Pye International became a "Grail" to those now dedicated to collecting these British release "Soul" 45s. This collecting trend is arguably stronger today, than it has ever been. With less and less classic "Wheel" singles coming to market.

This one is particularly rare in this form, a few forgivable flaws but still one hell of a capture.

Condition Report

light sticker removal scar on the a-side label see images, 2-45 secs time neatly written in by radio station programmer. As with many Pye promos there is a light printing ghosting on the yellow back space.

A Side

  • Title: The Fife Piper

    B Side

  • Title: And I Always Will
  • Year: 28th October 1966
  • City: United Kingdom