Dorothy Beery

Don't Give Me Love / Soul Power

Big 3 Three : 401 MANSHIP MINT

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  • Artist: Dorothy Beery
  • A Side: Don't Give Me Love
  • B Side: Soul Power
  • Label: Big 3 Three
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: SS
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Since the last time we listed this double dancefloor destroyer, over 4 years back, worldwide demand has rocketed several fold, as this "Sister Stomper" is drenched in the power to transcend divides. Equally motivating a Northern Soul or an R&B crowd to the hilt. Dorothy usually an L.A. based Diva, the wife of the great Richard Berry, touched-down in Chicago for a while, hooking up with one of the town's most prolific authors of muscular "South Side" street soul, Mr. Robert Lee, yet again Bob summons up an earsplitting barrage of brass and burping baritone sax; to compliment Dorothy's rasping attack on the senses, decorated by equally vivacious girl-group "Don't Give Me Love" choruses.

This is real-deal, raw-to-the-bone thundering Northern Soul, Dorothy taking no-prisoners in her quest for all the material things from her man, but certainly "Don't Give Me Love...!" A ruthless, single-minded, harsh and to the point. Makes for killer Northern Soul girl-power R&B.

Flip it over, Mr. Lee and Dorothy replicate the act, with a just as ferocious, hard driven typically Chicago relentless Northern Soul utilizing the very same ingredients, to the max!.

Two awesome tunes, that are now, at last receiving the torrential allniter plays it has long deserved... a proper Allniter sound! In stunning condition, with correct labeling, most copies have reversed labels.

Condition Report

Two clean correctly placed labels, (NOT REVERSED LABELS) full gloss unblemished vinyl. As good as it gets.

A Side

  • Title: Don't Give Me Love

    B Side

  • Title: Soul Power
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Chicago, Illinois