Bing Bong / Girl, Girl, Girl

King : 45-6297

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  • Artist: Determinations
  • A Side: Bing Bong
  • B Side: Girl, Girl, Girl
  • Label: King
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Does your changing musical tastes, also mark an improvement of yourself through the years?
I've always loved this song, a slick mid-tempo harmony stepper of distilled quality.

But when first owned a copy, way back into my first unwrapping of a Soul Pack from Daly City Bob... I wanted stompers!!! I The relentless pounding of the Northern Soul dancer. The Determinations was a beautiful song, but I couldn't DJ with it.

That was circa 1973, and i applied that mindset into most things I did. Things were so different back then. Everybody blinkered by backdrops, spins and illegal substances that kept you up all night, so much energy to burn; it took us onto a destination all-dayer in another part of the country the very next day. So, meaningful Soul-saturated mid-tempo floaters were just not my thing to ignite the weekend with.. .

Why would it be?Back then everything I wore was any shade of brown, I smoked 40 cigarettes a day, had an ego the size of a house. Even tough I had to park my 850cc black & yellow MIni on a hill so i could bump start it every morning. Dated as many girls as I could. My answer to all problems was a head-butt. and I stupidly thought I was the dogs bollocks, swanning around in my stinking nicotine-stained sheepskin coat.

How could I have possibly appreciate this double helping of vocal group Soul, that 47 years later I consider a masterpiece.

I have since 1973, had some sense knocked into me, from a few of my headbutt targets. A multitude girls more intelligent than me, and certainly fully aware of colours and dress sense. Some of them so much more intelligent than me, some with outstanding taste in music (not men).

I think most of us 50's children have taken similar journey, at what time in my life did sounds like "The Determinations" outweigh any Northern Soul stomper I care to mention, I'm not sure. What I do know today, is I don't smoke, I'm married, my clothes don't smell, they are coordinated (I think) and brightly coloured. My now completely bald head is only used for rubbing factor 25 on and bumping into low beams.

Stompers are good memories but now not my taste, which has improved in all areas. I'm so turned on by real-deal Soul music performed by people who had such a better handle on real life than I ever did. Performed with inner passion and like us all from life's experiences. Today I'm gonna use "Bing Bong c/w Girl, Girl, Girl" as my benchmark how I've become a slightly better person.. To me it is pure gold, and for all the twats like me, who never appreciated anything good; until life itself had sat me and my juvenile ego on it's arse too many times to remember. I fully appreciate some truly magnificent Soul music..

I also appreciate the beauty of a Yellow promo label, the gorgeousness of flawless labels and crispy clean vinyl..

Listening to this exquisite James Brown production, makes me, like most like every other man reading this review. Wince with embarrassment at some of the decisions we made and of the finer things in life we passed by. Never realizing some records are not ever to be sold, but cherished... this is a keeper if I ever heard one.

Condition Report

Two spotless label, immaculate vinyl, still housed in birth-sleeve

A Side

  • Title: Bing Bong

    B Side

  • Title: Girl, Girl, Girl
  • Year: 1968
  • City: Cincinnati, Ohio