Darrow Fletcher

The Pain Gets A Little Deeper / My Judgement Day

London : HLU 10024 DJ


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  • Artist: Darrow Fletcher
  • A Side: The Pain Gets A Little Deeper
  • B Side: My Judgement Day
  • Label: London
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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"The Pain Gets A Little Deeper"... and nobody portrays "Pain" quite like Darrow Fletcher.

A soul artist who has never recorded a record I don't adore, I like every single he has ever made. Then, when I witnessed him live on stage at Cleethorpes weekender in 2006; he cast his spell over everybody present, elevating himself into my all-time favourite Soul vocalists. Watering my eyes in the process, sending shivers down the back of my neck, with his unique manner of subtly delivering despair, hurt and hopelessness with a tender but totally convincing touch. That comes through to be equally moving, on vinyl as well as on stage.

"The Pain Gets A Little Deeper" is this "child prodigy's" first recording, when he collaborated with Ted Daniels and Maurice Simpkins, a powerful Chicago session, painting a poignant picture of a young man's heartbreak. This son of the Detroit Ghetto was only 14 years old when he created this blinding 45. That went on to become a Twisted Wheel favourite and now heralded as a Northern Soul timeless classic across the world. So incredibly attractive and super-scarce as a clean UK demo!

Criminally neglected in his homeland, Darrow and his music is held in such high regard in the UK, that most all 60's Soul fans, can sing this anthem out loud. Here is Darrow's first 45, that introduced him to our shores in February 1966.

Listen and weep ... but do not overlooked the flipside, yet another "Darrow" masterpiece "My Judgement Day" just as poignant all his other work...

An iconic singer, iconic label and an iconic song!

Does collecting 60's British Soul 45's get any better than owning "Darrow" in the full glory of a London yellow demo?

A Twisted Wheel anthem from February 1966 when nobody in the UK had the slightest idea who this Chicago purveyor Soul devastation was.

Condition Report

Two very clean promo labels, strong gloss on vinyl revealing numerous soft surface blemishes only becoming visible when angled under a light , but as you can hear, the song plays, loud, crisp clean and clear. All housed in its birth sleeve, a vision of utter gorgeousness.

A Side

  • Title: The Pain Gets A Little Deeper

    B Side

  • Title: My Judgement Day
  • Year: 25th February 1966
  • City: United Kingdom