D. C. Magnatones

Does She Love Me / No Room For Two

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  • Artist: D. C. Magnatones
  • A Side: Does She Love Me
  • B Side: No Room For Two
  • Label: D. C. Magnatones
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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The One That Got Away... a Northern Soul Big Fish.

From personal experience, I know from my perennial anguish just how RARE this Northern Soul trophy is: A 45 that haunted me for years & years..

Some 35+ years ago on a vinyl dig in Arizona I met a guy with oodles of 45s and a truly great collection, decorating his walls.

I spent a day there, him treating my with suspicion, as he couldn't quite work out what I was buying. He puzzling checked every 45 I pulled, relaxing when I pulled Lou Rawls on Capitol (House Next Door). Lou Rawls you couldn't give away he said.. a $1.00 was OK for that..

I told him I was a particular fan of vocal group 45's. He was too, and played me a few of his prized Doo-Wop rarities. I explained I was more in Soul than R&B. "Oh, I've Just Got a Record I've Been Chasing For Years" that's "Soul" and played me The D.C. Magnatones - Not Room For Two.

"Wow, that looks obscure, even the label name is D. C. Magnatones" was my reply. I liked the record, really silky Soulful vocals, top-drawer harmony with a pleading lead vocal..nice ballad.

The obvious question had to be asked "What Was The Flip Like". He shook his head "I'll Play It For You" I was on my knees digging in a box, and this lilting intro took to the air....

OMG I love this, and would you know it. It just got better and better as it played.. I stopped work completely, mesmerized, following this sky blue label as it rotated, emitting gloriously slick Northern Soul Dancer. "I'm not leaving this house without it" was my immediate thought.

"How Much" and the dreaded reply "Absolutely Not For Sale" I must have asked 5 times in a hour..

Then he told me, he used to live in Baltimore and the record was kinda local, he'd been chasing a copy longer than he cared to remember. But when he retired to Arizona he found time to track down a few group members. Eventually one guy still owned a copy.. he paid "big" for it, he said. Then said it's not true Soul trying to dissuaded me from my badgering; they are all Italian guys.

They could be Latvian and the producer a Reindeer, for all I cared.. it was enslaving Northern Soul and I'd never heard of it before.. But I could see he was never gonna sell me it. The more I offered, the more determined he became to keep is long hunted trophy..

If he's still alive today, I bet it's still there on his shelves, displaying rows & rows of 45s in those grainy green sleeves, that to me smell like a brothels powder room.. I must admit, I regularly sniff a green sleeve or two to be transported back to 1982. in 112 degrees and that glorious aroma of aged vinyl in paper.

So now after a wait of nearly 4 decades, at last I have for the VERY FIRST TIME a D. C. Magnatones in my possession..

So click the soundfile and imagine, the disappointment I felt on my endless search of the USA for Northern Soul to have this played to me, and not be able to buy it.. Deprived of a record that would have made my whole trip, listening to it today does not dispel the gutted feeling I carried around with me for what seems forever..

Snow In Pheonix RARE and so addictive..

Condition Report

A-side vinyl is a strong clean EX +, flipside vinyl has a light marks or two. Both sides clean clean (listen) the two labels over the decades have received foiling rub to the ice blue, but both are free of writing, stain, tears or any other flaw.

A Side

  • Title: Does She Love Me

    B Side

  • Title: No Room For Two
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Washington, d.c.