From This Day Forward / When My Teenage Days Are Over

Aladdin : 3458 DJ

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  • Artist: Cute-Teens
  • A Side: From This Day Forward
  • B Side: When My Teenage Days Are Over
  • Label: Aladdin
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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One of the very rarest Motown associated 45 we have ever auctioned...

Embryonic Motown - the birth - a catalyst - a relationship - that created that vital spark for it all to happen.. Saturated in Motown History...

In nearly 1/2 of century of seeking out Motown collectibles, this is the very first time I have seen and held this disc, although it's legendary status has frustrated Motown scholars for almost 60 years.

The very words "Cute-Teens on Aladdin" would bring the knowledgeable Motown collectors to their knees, at the thought of maybe one day owning this seemingly "impossible" beginnings of the Motown dynasty.

A 45 born in 1958 featuring the fabled "Miss Raynoma & her sister Alice" produced by Berry Gordy Jr. himself. Miss Ray fronted this Berry Gordy project, and the "Cute-Teens" was pressed under the Berry Gordy publishing banner of "Bengal" music, promo'd by Los Angeles based Aladdin. There was no Detroit area release or pressing for this starting point of Berry & Raynoma's relationship which culminated in marriage less than two years later.

Miss Ray was of course a founder member of The Rayber Singers which included both Raynoma and her now husband Berry Gordy; plus Brian Holland, Robert Bateman, Sonny Sanders & Gwendolyn Murray.
But Raynoma was so much more that just a singer, she was an highly skilled studio arranger, enhancing tighter vocal harmonies on the early productions. Jimmy Ruffin's - Don't Feel Sorry For Me - being a good example..and having a huge influence on the path Motown music took in those defining early years.

Recognized today has the most elusive part of the Motown jigsaw to acquire, a steppingstone to what evolved into America's largest Black Corporation breaking all records previously held by R&B companies.
The Cute-Teens Aladdin 3458 may have totally failed as 45 but brought Raynoma & Berry closer together forging the very foundations of the greatest independent record label ever.

Easily the rarest historical Motown 45, that hardly a collector of Berry Gordy / Motown and it's history, can boast of owning, hearing or even seeing before.

Adding to the aura surrounding the life of this great lady of Soul - she was partner & founder with her next husband Eddie Singleton of SHRINE records, Washington D.C. which received considerable support from her Motown roots.

Condition Report

Fine clean vinyl, just a few fine mild hairlines, both sides play clean. The two PROMO labels are flawfree. No writing, stickers, tags, tears or stains to spoil the vision of extreme rarity.

A Side

  • Title: From This Day Forward

    B Side

  • Title: When My Teenage Days Are Over
  • Year: 1959
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal