Crown Four

Love Of My Girl / Birth Of A Playboy (original mix)

Lee John : 45-619

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  • Artist: Crown Four
  • A Side: Love Of My Girl
  • B Side: Birth Of A Playboy (original mix)
  • Label: Lee John
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The beginnings of The Chosen Few from way back in 1967 this East Coast trio, made up of two former "Adventurers" singers Gerald Perry, Mack Williams of Compass & Blue Rock fame join with New Jersey soloist Roy Handy calling themselves the Crown Four.

Later in 1970 releasing Taking All The Love I Can / Birth Of A Playboy for Maple Records, also distributed nationally by Lenny and Wally Roker Canyon label the same year. Noting neither of these 1970 releases were NOT backed with wonderful vocal-group dancer "Love Of My Girl". The 1967 "Birth Of A Playboy" leaving the Lee John 445 a stand-alone double helping of dazzling Northern Soul! From fully 3 years earlier...

Gerald Perry and team have sure provided some treats for the World Of Northern Soul. With the Adventurers they crafted on Compass (Easy Baby) Blue Rock (Something Bad) and on Music World (I Caught You Cheating). As the Chosen Few on Maple & Canyon (A Birth Of A Playboy, I Can't Take No Chances & Taking All The Love I Can) not to mention their highly sought after album.

Every one of the above is a rare Northern Soul 45 with a passionate following but none of the above get any where near to the desirability of this their rarest offering, this seriously elusive 45 on Lee John. Both sides are a Gerald Perry & Eddie Johnson collaborations that appeared later on the seldom seen Maple 6000 album, a 1972 compilation of their best work.

So take a listen to this group with a penchant for changing their name whilst probing for a music industry break..

"Love For My Girl" is a swirling force of falsetto vocals riding on the back honkin' horns. A rich vocal-group session with wave after wave of vocals ricocheting off a barrage of brass, pinging bongos, rhythmic drums and tricky plectrum work. This is a tune with the power to sweep you to your feet.. hardly ever heard "out" rarity again stunting it's opportunity to be heard.

The flipside is a wholly different matter as "Birth Of A Playboy" is a huge tune, bristling with haunting Saxophone, snappy vocals and relentless piano. A slightly different mix to the Johnny Brantley remake but still staying true to Wesley Watts original blueprint.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL! and immensely appreciated by the dancers, but you can also knock the collectors dead, those turntable voyeurs will maybe want to know have you got the Maple or The Canyon...

Your reply "Well no, actually I own it in it's rarest first format, the 1967 original on LEE JOHN can't yu hear the difference?

I have heard it said, "Manship needs one shoving up him..." or did someone actually say "One-up-manship" a hugely popular Northern Soul pastime...

Two killer tunes - one very rare disc.

Condition Report

two clean labels, full gloss mint minus vinyl, a flawless beauty.

A Side

  • Title: Love Of My Girl

    B Side

  • Title: Birth Of A Playboy (original mix)
  • Year: 1967
  • City: 1687 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019