Cresa Watson

Salvation / If You've Stopped Loving Me

Charay : C-90

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  • Artist: Cresa Watson
  • A Side: Salvation
  • B Side: If You've Stopped Loving Me
  • Label: Charay
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Not only a Northern Soul holier than holy grail, it comfortably sits in the category of one of the rarest 45's John Manship Records has sold over this century or the last!

To put that statement into stark perspective, this is the very FIRST time we have listed it for sale since I started record dealing in the same year (1969) that Major Bill Smith pressed and withdrew this disc. Changing the artist label credits by hand to Rita Lee. The reasons for this are obscure, as Major Bill and the Charay label, on the very next catalog number C-91, credited Cresa in full on her wonderful version of Carolyn Sullivan's 1967 "Dead".

Before you today is the mind-warping Sister version of Robert Thomas's dancefloor destroyer "Salvation", released just 3 numbers after Robert's. A record that Major Bill Smith reissued as Rita Lee on the white label with pink text in the late 70's when Northern Soul stalwart "Brad" requested a limited reissue. That reissue itself today is extremely elusive today.

With Robert Thomas again receiving strong Northern Soul turntable time, the realisation started to hit home just how seriously rare thel Cresa Watson copy was. Supremo Northern Soul DJ Mark Dobson (Butch) backtracked through his unrivalled collection to a copy of "Cresa" he found 30 years earlier. Its debut night at the 100 Club took it by storm, as the familiar horn & vibe intro filled the air, but then a soaring girl voice broke forth. Again Butch had floored his 100 Club devotees. Becoming one of the most wanted Northern Soul 45s on the planet.

Our investigations point to maybe as little as 4 known copies and absolutely the first copy we have ever had for sale. Remembering we have sold Frank Wilson twice this century and unlike Frank Wilson, Cresa Watson has not become the over-exposed public property of the British Soul fan.

An already beyond-rare pedigree, made spectacularly sought-after when "Butch" first introduced it into his revered DJ sets...a collection and DJ elevator like no other.

Condition Report

Credit adjustments, Cresa Watson text has been redacted, but Cresa Watson is still full readable under the now dwindling marker. Rits Lee credit added in fine fountain pen, which has now fading. See label images provided. VInyl is full gloss, giving up just the merest blemishes when angled in the light. Listen playback unlike the Rita Lee reissue is rich, full and loud!

A Side

  • Title: Salvation

    B Side

  • Title: If You've Stopped Loving Me
  • Year: 1969
  • City: P.O. Box 11152 Ft. Worth, Texas 76110