Crazy Baby / Bell Bottom Slacks And Chinese Kimona

Atco: 45-6379 DJ east coast vinyl press MINT

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  • Artist: Coasters
  • A Side: Crazy Baby
  • B Side: Bell Bottom Slacks And Chinese Kimona
  • Label: Atco
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Absolutely no confusion whatsoever with this September 1965 east coast vinyl promo press with the correct 65C - 9290 21 deeply etched matrix in the deadwax. In perfect Manship mint condition!

A legendary Blackpool Mecca anthem, the famous Ian Levine spin, formerly cover-up Freddie Jones "My Heart Is Wide Open".

Just imagine the adrenaline rush of playing a non-hit Coasters record on Atco and an electrifying slab of staggering Northern Soul smacks you straight between the eyes... we can only imagine what that Mecca duo thought as "Crazy Baby" was discharged into Ian Levine and Colin Curtis's space. It was instantly covered up, nobody could know this blinding tune was by a mainstream hitmaking group, on major nationwide label. This is unbelievable!

So "Freddie Jones "My Heart Is Wide Open" was born and given an almighty blast off at the Blackpool Mecca. I was lucky enough to be there the night they announced it to my eager ears. I simply could not believe Northern Soul could be this good. It blew me, along with the rest of the Highland Room horde, totally away. In later years Ian Levine relayed to me at The Ritz ballroom, "at the time, he thought this 45 could not possibly be rare" and saw himself onto a good thing when he found more copies. But to his and everybody's amazement Atco 45-6379 was such a total non-hit and copies then and now have proved decidedly difficult to find. To this day, "Crazy Baby" is the Coasters rarest 60's 45 by some distance. Only seldom surfaces for sale, at this level of perfectness it is near impossible to capture.

So now click the soundfile, close your eyes, and imagine being inside the Highland Room in 1973 and hearing "Crazy Baby" for the first time. Envisage the atmosphere it instantly ignited - but most of all, imagine Ian Levine's relentless record curiosity and how he must have felt when he first dropped needle on the bassline run-in, then those explosive vibes take to the air the air. He must have been in state of jaw-dropping astonishment peppered with full voice colourful expletives. Then there was that sax-break, the shrill girls, more ringing vibes, perfectly managed by the rich Billy Guy vocal... just one of greatest Northern Soul records ever made, had just set his and ultimately ours, world alight.

AUTHORITIVE NORTHERN SOUL at its most commanding!

...highlighting why literally 100's of young British collectors were on the hunt every week, trying to find elusive vinyl that could just possibly replicate for them, that inspirational experience that Ian Levine gave the Highland Room that memorable Saturday night in 1973.

This authentic original 1965 east coast vinyl press, two unblemished promo labels. Playing surface it an absolute mirror of perfection..

Still leaves me breathless after al these years...

Condition Report


A Side

  • Title: Crazy Baby

    B Side

  • Title: Bell Bottom Slacks And Chinese Kimona
  • Year: September 1965
  • City: New York, N.Y.