Baby Baby (I Still Love You) / Please Don't Wake Me

Dimension : D-1026 paper label

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  • Artist: Cinderellas
  • A Side: Baby Baby (I Still Love You)
  • B Side: Please Don't Wake Me
  • Label: Dimension
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Dimension Records often used "Bell Records" disliked method of design using "screen print" ink onto the blank plastic styrene label, a manufacturing method that is universally shunned by most-all record collectors. As over years of even careful storage the ink fades with handling, or even rubs off completely if any vinyl cleaning agents come into contact with the label face. If there is an alternative manufactures materials design, the richly coloured paper label, is the choice to buy, every time, if you can find one!

Before you today is the seldom seen "paper" label, a quick Discogs search on the label images on this title clearly shows what happens to the "ink" screen print over time. That said the "paper" label alternative is RARE and highly coveted by girl-group and Northern Soul aficionados alike "Baby Baby (I Still Love You)" started life as a flipside, but quickly became the preferred play side in Europe. Especially benefitting from potent saxophone break, and inticing dance pulses. .

"Cinderellas" were one of the most important and indeed influential east coast girl groups of the 50's and 60's. On this 1964 45 guided by "Brill Building" legendary couple Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil with the "special" addition of Phil Spector student Russ Titelman. The trio build on their girl-group excellence after an already engrained into the three girls with an apprenticeship of older sisters/friends and rubbing shoulders with Soul Sister greats like Margie Henbrix and Darlene McCrae who left to join Ray Charles' Raelettes what was left, morphed into "The Cookies" who, themselves found solid chart success. Another update of name saw the lead singer part dominated by Martha Ross rather than Earl-Jean who started a short-lived but highly regarded solo career.

The reason this stunning copy is on auction today, hinges on the stand-out condition and the seldom seen, very sought after "paper" label. That we know will be appreciated by those serious about collecting exceptional records, in remarkable condition in their rarest most-sought after form.

Condition Report

Two perfect paper labels, full gloss mint archive vinyl. Still housed in vintage brown sleeve. As good as it gets!

A Side

  • Title: Baby Baby (I Still Love You)

    B Side

  • Title: Please Don't Wake Me
  • Year: March 1964
  • City: Sceen Gems, New York,