Chuck Jackson

What's With This Loneliness / Surf And Soul


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  • Artist: Chuck Jackson
  • A Side: What's With This Loneliness
  • B Side: Surf And Soul
  • Label: Kent



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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A flawless copy of this 100 club anthem, presented here as the 1992 100 Club 13th Anniversary Special Promo 45. Only available to 100 club members who were there at the Anniversary celebration. Since that night all those years ago, this 45's reputation has matured into cult status.

"Chuck" of course is considered by all Soul collectors, as Northern Soul Royalty. His rich vocals massaging the feet of a million dancers over the 5 decade's, his Northern Soul classics have rang out every weekend across Europe. It is no exaggeration to suggest there may have never been a classic Northern Soul event, where "Chuck" has not featured... booming out a Wand or Motown with his instantly recognisable Northern Soul dance classics.

But before you today is a completely different kettle-of-NS-classic, one that many a DJ and collector has been deprived of owning by the simple fact, only enough copies were pressed to meet the demand of those attending the 100 club that night, and these 100 club souvenirs are so very cherish, nobody ever really wants to part with them. Or indeed certainly not part with this prestigious label's finest release. Lifted from the Wand vaults, featuring on the Kent 935 CD release 3 years earlier. The Northern Soul congregation were already begging Ace/Kent for a vinyl release...

No release happened, but a masterstroke in event marketing, was to create one of Britain's most wanted 45's.
Take a listen to a man at ease with himself, as he emotionally croons over a meandering flow, of guitar strokes, with humbled-horns softly blowing in the background...This is not only Northern Soul, it is the type of Northern Soul that you can lose yourself in... lounge in a warming abyss of Chuck's cultured vocal with words that pierce your very being.. as you relive all your own personal times of "loneliness"

"Soul" can do that to you, and Chuck does "Soul" like no other male vocalist.. Brilliant, is too weaker word for this masterpiece.. but we are sure you will think of some other adjective to describe this vaporous Chuck Jackson moment that epitomizes, distilled Northern Soul and how much it has affected our lives.

Affect it some more, by owning a flawless copy.

Condition Report

Two clean pink labels, usually witnessed with varying levels of diminished pinkness or a bubbled label surface, the centre-hole reveals a minuscule perimeter flake, otherwise flawless labels, be sure to scrutinize the images. Vinyl displays full gloss, perhaps previously unplayed, certainly not even a fleeting hairline to spoil the view. Playback is perfect!.

A Side

  • Title: What's With This Loneliness

    B Side

  • Title: Surf And Soul
  • Year: 1992
  • City: Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom