Chuck Cockerham

Have I Got A Right / Hey There

Mala : 12,036

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  • Artist: Chuck Cockerham
  • A Side: Have I Got A Right
  • B Side: Hey There
  • Label: Mala
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A STOCK COPY! of one of the Northern Soul scene's most-wanted records, presented here in sublime condition.

I'm most likely gonna run completely out of superlatives, when I review arguably the finest Northern Soul Crossover record ever crafted.

A record that was inexplicably falsely accused of being "blue-eyed". When even the simplest research, would have revealed Chuck Cockerham as a highly regarded black Soul singer from North Carolina. Who has long been an indomitable member of Bill Pinkney's Original Drifters.

From the desk of Fred Tanner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a gifted man famous for conducting full orchestras; as well as writing for and guiding such Soul artists as Sam & Bill, Patti Austin, Willie McDougal etc.

The first time I heard this masterwork, it was served up by Richard Searling who was under no misapprehension of genre when he dropped the stylus on "Chuck" at Parkers Club, Manchester. The table I was sitting at simultaneously fell silent. All my chin-stroking tablemates, pricked up their ears and as one, said "WHAT is this!". As its beautiful pulses breezed into our conversation, it became the tune of the night and the main topic of conversation on the way home to Leicester. That unforgettable baptism was of course decades ago, but yet again showing Richard Searling's taste was way ahead of the game.

Today, this record is a top-want right across the globe, for those DJ's and collectors who appreciate the qualities of a consummate Soulful delivery gliding on the warm thermals of a soul conducted full orchestra..

Goose-pimple inducing, hairs on the neck erecting, spine shivering - BRILLIANCE!

Whoever first suggested this recording to be blue-eyed... that's kinda exploded in his face... for me Chuck Cockerham could be fluorescent green with pink eyes... I'd still sell a body-part or two for ownership.

Condition Report

Clean a-side label, small number 3 in marker on the flipside label (see images). Full gloss vinyl revealing only the merest finest hairline, plays crisp clean and brilliant.

A Side

  • Title: Have I Got A Right

    B Side

  • Title: Hey There
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Winston-Salem, North Carolina