Chris Jackson

Since You've Been My Girl / I'll Never Forget You

Jamie : 1357 DJ

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  • Artist: Chris Jackson
  • A Side: Since You've Been My Girl
  • B Side: I'll Never Forget You
  • Label: Jamie
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Dave Godin first introduced us all to Christopher Mark Jackson, a fleeting talent, a singer songwriter with obvious gifts that never came to fruition. Jamie 1357 was his only single release, a solitary 45; or should I say Chris had two records as the British release carries the wonderful unissued in the USA "Forever I'll Stay With You" as the flipside of Dave's chosen lead was "I'll Never Forget You". Whilst this 1968 USA press has "I'll Never Forget You" as the flipside with "Since You've Been My Girl" which puzzlingly Dave passed over.

Dave then negotiated the release of the previously unissued, now legendary, Chris Jackson session "Since There's No Doubt" for a Soul City 120 release that never happened. Apparently Dave never found Chris (Marke) Jackson the easiest guy to work with, the non-meeting of the minds leaving ""Since There's No Doubt"" as a unique acetate only cut on the 444 label. The story goes that in the beginning Dave saw an opportunity for two Chris Jackson releases with " "Since You've Been My Girl" partnering "Since There's No Doubt" on one new single release. But that all changed as the scheduled b-side for " "Since There's No Doubt" was going to be "We Will Be Together" which I've yet to hear. Chris (Marke) was certainly an unfulfilled talent.

But why Dave passed over "Since You've Been My Girl" may remain a mystery, but absolutely what is mystifying is "Since You've Been My Girl" nor "Forever I'll Stay With You" have enjoyed any significant Northern Soul a turntable action, as both are pleading Northern Soul dance experiences at their finest, both written by Chris himself. So do check the two out and hear what our DJ's have been depriving us al of..

"I'll Never Forget You" of course is a firm favourite with all old-school Soulies and we can forgive Dave for choosing to delay releasing "Since You've Been My Girl" as he had high hopes for a possible chart entry with the enchanting "I'll Never Forget You". For a man who only cut four songs all written by himself, working with some of the east coast's finest Van McCoy, Lee Valentine, J. R. Bailey & Ken Williams all four songs are brilliant Northern Soul dancers, and only one person on Planet Earth owns all 4.

Start your impossible quest for all four with this gloriously clean 1968 Jamie promo still housed in its birth-sleeve!

Condition Report

Two totally clean promo labels, full gloss on vinyl revealing only the merest soft blemishes under light. both sides play crisp and clean. Top copy!

A Side

  • Title: Since You've Been My Girl

    B Side

  • Title: I'll Never Forget You
  • Year: 1968
  • City: New York, N.Y.