Livin' The Nightlife / Nobody Made You Love Me

Wand : WND 1124

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  • Artist: Charts
  • A Side: Livin' The Nightlife
  • B Side: Nobody Made You Love Me
  • Label: Wand
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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In 1969 / 1970 The Charts 1966 Wand remake of their 1957 Doo-wop classic "Desiree" was one of the most-wanted Soul-allnite-club dance plays of the time. So much so Wand were commissioned to reissue it in 1972 to meet unprecedented demand. It was rumored, to be in line for a "Soul Sounds" repress if the label hadn't have been taken out of business.

At the time the Northern Soul scene had not encountered the group's, far superior 2nd single for Wand. It was so rare, it wasn't until March 1975 when the track was included within a raft of Wand rarities on UK Pye's "Disco Demand's Solid Soul Sensations" album, that the wider Northern Soul congregation got to really hear it, unless you visited the Blackpool Mecca "Highland Room" where this stunning dancer was one of "The Mecca's" proud "special reserves".

It's rarity through the decades has been legendary, puzzling collectors and DJs why "Desiree" was relatively obtainable but "Livin' The Nightlife" was proving a more-than-challenging problem to acquire. This was due to Wand's surprise R&B hit happening the same week with "Wand WND 1124" Roscoe Robinson's "That's Enough" was quickly climbing the charts. All in-house resources were channeled to "That's Enough" to ensure, not only the supply flow to record stores was seamless, but also their promotional focus was arrowed at Roscoe's NS classic reaching as high in the charts as possible.

So "Livin' The Nightlife" was now "lost", even though the recording shimmered with that slick Bert DeCoteaux expertise for a superior production. WND 1124 was simply neglected and a Northern Soul grail was born..

But the story doesn't stop there, the Northern Soul scene is also guilty of overlooking a jewel; the magnificent flipside "Nobody Made You Love Me " another fabulous down tempo vocal-group NS stepper benefitting from Bert's genius at the controls, has only in recent times been presented to the dancefloor by DJ's who dig a littler deeper than the obvious.

Two killer sides, both giving up top-drawer Northern Soul which ever side you drop the arm on this long-iconic label.

Noting this red text STOCK copy is MINT and incredibly elusive!

Condition Report

Two clean labels, tiny bb drill but complete fee of writing, stickers or stains. The bright emblematic combination of black, gold, white and red is crisp sparklingly definition.

A Side

  • Title: Livin' The Nightlife

    B Side

  • Title: Nobody Made You Love Me
  • Year: June 1966
  • City: New York, N.Y.