You're Acting Kind Of Strange / Help Me Somebody

Bedford: 108 MANSHIP MINT

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  • Artist: Chappells
  • A Side: You're Acting Kind Of Strange
  • B Side: Help Me Somebody
  • Label: Bedford
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Two girls and three guys make up this impressive Soul gathering from Baltimore. Who sadly, recorded far too few 45's, as this 45 will underline, displaying seamless harmony as the vocals genres meld into one tight flow.

It was the upbeat side "Help Me Somebody" that made all the Northern Soul turntable action in the last century, with the flipside passing by unnoticed. But times have changed, over he last couple of years it is the silky mid-tempo "You're Acting Kind Of Strange" has started to appear of DJ play lists across Europe. As the more sophisticated Soul sound grabs the dancefloor.

Overflowing with silky Soul, led by an imploring girl voice that immediately pulls you into her pain, whilst shrill girl choruses reiterate her despairing question "Why You Acting Kind Of Strange Boy". Chillingly sweet, razor-sharp vocals cut the air, with the subtle male backing adding depth ad meaning. What a beautiful song, no wonder this is now slipping into many A-list DJ sets..

But if you prefer the more conventional Northern Soul stomper, you need to do is flip it over. The Chappells will take you on a perilous ride into classic style Northern Soul, a proper, real-deal up-tempo groove losing none of their harmonizes teamwork deliver a fabulous slab of Northern Soul that will also, surely have it's day.

Two great sides, one a current spin for discerning clubs and DJ's and rising in value, the other is blatant Northern Soul that has surprisingly been neglected, but perched for and ready for a comeback.

Condition Report

MANSHIP MINT previously unplayed

A Side

  • Title: You're Acting Kind Of Strange

    B Side

  • Title: Help Me Somebody
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Baltimore, Maryland